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heal your past.

elevate your future.




You want to be free
to live your own unique version of life. 

You want to stop the self-sabotage, procrastination and resistance.
You’re sick of the confusion and lack of direction.
You want to heal your wounds. You’re ready to transform your reality. 

You may be feeling stuck or trapped, lacking guidance or purpose, caught up in things that feel inauthentic for you.

But deep down you know there is a different way of being.

You know you’re destined
for much more. 

If you desire to:

  • Finally be free of self-resentment, self-judgement and self-sabotage
  • Find a job that combines your true passions, and lights you up every day
  • Attract a loving, deeply supportive, soul mate relationship
  • Receive a consistent flow of abundance
  • Maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle
  • Connect to your own intuition, your inner wisdom and guidance, and a Divine higher power
  • Untangle yourself from the self-made and societal constructs that have you feeling trapped
  • Live aligned to your personal truths
  • Understand your purpose in this life
  • Transform into the best version of yourself with integrity, honesty and authenticity

… you are in the right place.

Welcome spirit sister.
Let’s make magic.


You are a miracle.

You are unlike any other person on this earth. Your very existence is sacred. You matter. Your dreams and desires matter.  And this is your life. If you don’t live it to the fullest, sharing your unique, true self, then the world has lost something truly irreplaceable. 

It’s time to commit to your vision.

It’s time to say yes to you. It’s time to become your highest priority. Stop laying small, dimming your Divine light, neglecting your passion, desires and creativity. It’s time to shine, sister! To rekindle your soul fire. To reawaken your self love. To surrender to being your truest, fullest self. To embrace your immense potential in this life. To boldly reveal your full brilliance to the world. We desperately need your unique light. The time is NOW.

The entire Universe stands ready to empower and guide you on your journey. Will you rise up and take the next step? Are you willing to dive headfirst into deep inner transformation, personal growth, profound shifts?


I am here to support you as you navigate the transitions, the concerns and the changes.


let’s peel away the layers of confusion and limitation, fear by fear. Let’s bring forth your life’s deepest purpose. I am here to travel with you, on a journey into the wild. A profound unlearning, a remembering, a return home to the infinite wisdom of your soul self.

Allow me to use my intuition, empathy, healing powers and sacred knowledge to lovingly heal your past, bless your present and elevate your future.

May we enjoy this magical journey together.


With love, Melinda   xx




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