Hey there -
I'm Melinda!

I’m a humanitarian
with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. 

Helping others is what drives me. My ultimate goal is working toward a better world.


I love nothing more than diving head-first into new experiences, both physical and emotional. I’m an explorer at heart. I love adventure. I spent many years traversing the globe, living in exotic locations, yearning to expand and understand. I spent most of my life job-hopping, too, and studying all sorts of diverse things. From dental nursing to circus performing to colonic hydrotherapy… I’ve worked more than 50 different jobs (seriously!).

I believe strongly that all life on this planet is valuable. All beings are equal. I don’t eat animals, I don’t squash insects, I oppose the use of animals for entertainment. A portion of my income is donated to animal charities.


I’m an empath, something that has at times felt like a curse, but is actually a beautiful soul gift. Empaths have an ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. I feel other being’s pain intensely. Hearing the mainstream news makes my heart physically hurt – it gives me chest pain. (Ironically, I actually studied to become a news journalist!)

I’m a non-conformist and inquisitive soul, with a natural ability to push through boundaries. I question everything. And I think outside the box, always. I’m a dreamer and visionary. I’m inspired by so many possibilities. I can help you peer into the unknown; the unchartered territory; all the things that could be. Then I can help you to manifest that vision.



I’m a medium, meaning I communicate with spirits: deceased loved ones (including pets), angels, spirit guides… You can learn more about booking a reading here.

I’m able to affirm to you what you already intuitively know, empowering you and teaching you to trust yourself.


You are enough. You are worthy. I will believe in you when you’ve forgotten how to believe in yourself. I promise.


Ready to transform your life?