Three’s a charm: what Spirit wants to offer you

Last night I sat in a new moon women’s circle; a gathering of souls in the ancient practice of sitting and connecting and awakening together. We were instructed to turn our attention within, and tune into the number one piece of advice our higher selves (our wise, eternal, soul selves) had for us. “Your greatest gift is your intuition”, I heard. “You need to use it to assist women 1:1”.

Depending on where you are on your sacred journey through this life, you may not yet hear the sage whispers of your soul. Or the directions from your spiritual support team. Or the tender guidance from loved ones on the other side. And it might sound a simple task to hear directions, trust the source, follow the advice.

In reality, it’s easy to dismiss such messages. To listen instead to the murky murmuring of the ego when she scoffs, “That voice was just in your head. You’re probably making it up”. It’s much more comfortable to ignore the guidance. And that’s what I did last night.

∆  ∆  ∆

This morning, I had a session with a kinesiologist I hadn’t seen before. She was highly intuitive and connected. “I’m receiving a message that you have a huge purpose to serve in this world… and you need to be working with others 1:1”, she told me. Mmm, okay. Thanks. Maybe I could be doing that. Maybe… But my ego was still mumbling in the background about how I wasn’t “ready” to do it, making up little lies about why I couldn’t and shouldn’t.

Later today, I had a massage appointment with a therapist I’d never met. Turns out she’s a gifted and very insightful intuitive.  Knowing nothing about me other than my name, she looked at me and said, “I was just given a message that you have an inherent and great gift to hold space for others” she told me. “You need to work with people 1:1; that’s what you’re here on earth to do”.



I hear you!

When Spirit speaks once… twice… three times in a day, you listen.


I left the appointment, went into current my workplace, and resigned.

As I said, when Spirit speaks that clearly, you gotta listen.


So, with gratitude for this calling to serve you, and reverence for the faith that Spirit has in me, I’m honoured to be offering the opportunity for us to work 1:1.

Together, we’ll deep-dive into the heart of what’s not working in your life, uncovering what’s really holding you back. You’ll find direction, illuminate your path, clear your blocks and ditch your baggage.

I KNOW that the 1:1 work you do with me will be incredibly powerful and genuinely change your life. I know this because the power that is, the source of all that ever was, the force that makes the moon rise and the sun set, the great Spirit that connects all of us… told me so. Three times.

And I am stepping up to serve. Are you ready to step up too?

∆ ∆ ∆