What the f*ck are archetypes, and how do they help me?

Cheshire Cat: Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way. 
Alice: Who did? 
Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit. 
Alice: He did? 
Cheshire Cat: He did what? 
Alice: Went that way. 
Cheshire Cat: Who did? 
Alice: The White Rabbit. 
Cheshire Cat: What rabbit? 
Alice: But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear. 
Cheshire Cat: Can you stand on your head? 

- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

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Archetypes relate to powerful universal ideas, characters, metaphors and symbols that awaken deep meaning. They are found everywhere, and we can work with them to increase self awareness and create the life that we want.

Archetypes are packages of interconnected themes and figures that reoccur in myths, folklore, religions, literature and the arts, across many cultures and eras. For example, the "trickster" archetype contains characters in stories who play tricks, make jokes and behave unconventionally in order to reveal profound lessons and wisdom. The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland is a part of the trickster archetype; as is the coyote in Native American tradition, the crow in Australian Aboriginal folklore and Loki in Norse mythology.

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung developed a theory describing archetypes as primordial patterns that stem from the collective unconscious - a part of the unconscious mind common to all humans, a “reservoir of the experiences of our species". Jung believed the collective unconscious to be the most crucial source of inner transformation, empowerment and wholeness.

Relating to archetypes means you can draw insight and strength from the collective unconscious, using it as a map to better navigate and make sense of your own life. You gain access to shared insight, wisdom, and creative energy, and a level of understanding that exists outside the limits of the rational, linear mind. 

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"Sounds, uh, wild", I hear you murmur. "But how the hell do I actually use this information to make my life better?"

When you understand an archetype's unique gifts and challenges, you can work with them to create the lifestyle, relationships, financial abundance, whatever it is you want. 

One of my mentors, Denise Duffield-Thomas, has a free quiz you can take here to discover your archetype related to money and abundance. 

My quiz result is Alchemist. Understanding that I'm an archetypal alchemist means I'm able to use my gifts to best assist you: I bring magic to anything I pour my heart into, and that's exactly what makes working with me so special. I'm able to infuse alchemical, transformative energy into all of my work and programs, incorporating lots of different healing processes. 

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In my intensive, transformational journeys, we invoke the power of Goddess archetypes as part of totally healing your life. 

Image source unknown

Image source unknown

Kuan Yin in  Goddesses and Sirens  - Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton

Kuan Yin in Goddesses and Sirens - Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton

Struggling to draw healthy boundaries?

Settling for less than you deserve?

Feeling affected by other's moods, emotions, problems?

Egyptian warrior goddess Sekhmet embodies the personal power and strength you need to draw into your reality.

We call her in to guide you in your daily life, to connect with you through meditation, to communicate with you through psychic medium readings, and we ask her to assist you to heal and to embody her powerful traits.


Wanting to attract deep, soulmate, loving relationships?

Need to forgive others (and yourself), release the past and move forward?

Desiring complete self-love and self-acceptance, instead of self-criticism and self-loathing?

Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin embodies the compassion and unconditional love you need. 

We call her in to assist you to embody deep love and forgiveness, heal your heart chakra and radiate love and light.

All of my work is intuitively-led, meaning it's tailored to suit whatever your and my spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Higher Self communicate that you need.

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