How to Easily Stop Taking on Other People's "Stuff"

The transcript, for babes who prefer to read

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Someone asked me yesterday, "How do I stop taking on other's people energy, other people's stuff?" and I wanted to answer that today for everybody, because it's something that does tend to happen to those of us who are empathetic and sensitive.

What's quite common, in my experience, is for someone who has a very open heart chakra, who is loving and giving; is that the solar plexus chakra, the energy centre responsible for protecting our own aura (our energy field), is not quite as strong or open.

The reason that it's important not to take on other people's energy, is that it affects how much you can give and the good you can put out into the world. If you're constantly absorbing or taking on other people's energy, their problems, their emotions... this drains you, and it very quickly wears you out, runs you down, and then you're not able to give to your full capacity.

So protecting your energy field isn't coming from a place of fear of another, or anxiety about what other people may do to you; it's coming from a place of self-love and self-respect, so it's important that you have that loving intention when you practice the things I'm about the share with you.

The first thing that you can do when you are in a situation where you sense you're being affected by others, is to bring your awareness to your solar plexus - which is the area around your navel. Just place your hand there. Because purely by bringing your awareness to a chakra, you energise and charge up that chakra; it responds.

If it feels more natural or discrete for you, you can cross your arms across the chakra, as you bring your focus to the area. And this is something that we all instinctively, intuitively do, when we feel confronted or affected by someone anyway.

And with your hand or arms there, just take a deep breath: inhale... and exhale... because as you exhale and relax, your energy field will expand, preventing someone else's encroaching on your space.

As you do these simple things you might like to state an affirmation/a mantra, silently to yourself, reiterating your loving intention. Something like, "I draw healthy boundaries with love", or "My energy raises the vibration of this room. I am energised and protected.”

I hope these simple practices are useful for you. If so, please do let me know in the comments. Likewise, if they’re not helpful - if you’re still finding situations challenging - let me know, so I can offer some alternate guidance for you.