13 ways parental abuse is still affecting your life




Those experiences may be negatively impacting your relationships,

the decisions you make,

the abundance you attract,

your confidence, happiness and quality of life…


1.    Overworking and overgiving

You give and give and give to others, to the point of burning yourself out

You struggle to say ‘no’ and to draw strong boundaries

You rarely make time just for YOU and what you want

2.    Sabotaging the things you say you want

You procrastinate and resist taking action towards your dreams, desires and goals

You stay ‘stuck’ in situations and behaviours that aren’t serving your best interests

You sabotage yourself when you experience happiness or success

3.    People-pleasing

You sacrifice your own dreams and desires for others

You find it difficult to be truly assertive

4. Underachieving

‘Playing small’, hiding and minimising yourself

You dismiss or invalidate your abilities and successes, instead of taking the time to give yourself credit

5.    Relationship issues

You settle for partners and friends who don’t honour you as the Goddess you truly are

You end up giving more and doing more for partners than they do for you (co-dependency)

You attract/are attracted to partners who are emotionally or otherwise unavailable

When a past relationship ended, you felt shame and guilt for the failure, as if you somehow weren’t good enough

6.    Anxiety or depression

You experience spontaneous crying, despair and feelings of hopelessness

You lack motivation and passion for your life

You worry about the future

7.    Difficulty making decisions

You lack trust in yourself and your intuition

You don’t back yourself 100%

8.    Disordered eating

You over-eat, binge eat, under-eat, or emotionally and mindlessly eat

9.    Feelings of shame, guilt, blame, embarrassment

If you’re honest with yourself, you actually have a belief that there is something ‘wrong’ with you

10.    Poor sleep

You have trouble falling asleep

You feel tired when you wake, rather than refreshed

11.    Self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem

You compare yourself to and compete against others

You’re deeply unhappy with aspects of your body (or your whole body!)

12.    Emotional numbness

You feel somewhat empty, confused, like you live ‘in a fog’, disconnected from your body and surroundings

13. Fear of being visible

You’re afraid of being seen for who you truly, unapologetically are

You’re living inauthentically, rather than in a way that is true to exactly what you want

You find it difficult to speak up honestly and fully express your emotions and your desires