Barbie Brainwashed Me! The Power of Affirmations


As a kid, I had a Barbie that talked. You pressed a button somewhere on her, and she spoke a sentence. I can’t remember what her name was, what she looked like, or where she came from. But I can remember, word for word, exactly what she said:

‘My horse is a show jumper.’

‘You look terrific.’

‘Can you please comb my hair?’

‘I love dressing up!’

‘It’s fun to shop with friends.’

‘Let’s share secrets!’

Although my point could be that the stuff Barbie was spouting was mostly shallow, gendered drivel, that’s not what I’m talking about today.

What I am talking about is the power of the spoken word, when phrases are repeated over and over again.

I pressed that button many times. And as a result, Barbie’s words are still etched into my brain, more than twenty years later.

∆ ∆ ∆

We absorb messages from the world around us, all the time.

Unfortunately, our human brains have a ‘negative bias’. There is a greater response (more neural activity) in our brain to negative stimuli than to positive. Negative events and experiences are stored in our memories much more quickly than positive events and experiences.

This served our ancestors well, allowing them to perceive danger and respond to it to stay safe.

Today, this isn’t so useful... You’re much more likely to remember something negative someone said about you, than something positive. Try to recall five times in your past you were given a compliment. And now think about the times you were criticised. The negative comments tend to come to mind much more easily for us.

Think about it: we can do a hundred things right in a day, yet we still focus on the one mistake we made!

The great news is...

You can retrain your brain. You can reprogramme your subconscious mind, overriding the stored negative thoughts you have with positive, helpful, empowering ones: ‘affirmations.’

Listening to repeated ‘affirmations’ allows those words to become your thoughts, that soon become your beliefs, that influence your behaviours, that determine your results and what your life looks like.

It’s 2018 – isn’t it time you ditched the old belief you have about your self, that you absorbed when kids in primary school teased you? 

Don’t you want to release the critical, self-doubting thoughts that are keeping you stuck in fear, afraid to achieve your dreams?

For a limited time, my 30 minute Affirmations Audio is available on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis. Only got $1? That’s fine. Download the audio. Listen to it daily. It will change your life, I promise.

‘It’s fun to shop with friends’ isn’t included in the recording, I promise that too.

I’ve channelled the affirmations, so they are what Spirit/Source/God knows is specifically needed by us at this time.

The background music is also channelled. It was written by an angelic being, Thaddeus, for human healing and evolution.

Listen to a sample of the recording, and learn more, here: