'If this, then that'... What your underwear says about you


My bank contacted me recently with an offer: “If This, Then That”.  You choose a certain event to act as a trigger for money to be transferred into a savings account for you. Met your step count goal for the day? Money is moved into your savings account. The temperature reaches 25°? Money into your savings account.

Ironically, I’ve been thinking recently about how often we allow ‘if this, then that’ to affect our lives. But, unlike with saving, these effects aren’t positive.

How many times have you told yourself this:

-       You’ll buy that item that you genuinely need (that will make your life easier and more convenient)… when you have the money spare

-       You’ll go on that trip away… when you have less on your to-do list

-       You’ll take that exercise class, go for that walk… when you feel motivated

-       You'll book that appointment for a hair cut, massage, Reiki treatment... for when you have spare time

-       You’ll start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try… when the ‘time is right’

-       You’ll begin doing the things you dream of… when you feel ready and confident


If you’re always waiting for “this” to happen before you take action on “that”… you will never take action. There will always be another “this” that your mind comes up with, preventing you from having what you want.

Let’s talk about that first example: You’ll buy that item that you need (that will make your life easier and more convenient)… when you have the money spare.

I’m not a financial advisor. But I am someone who has had to consciously work on allowing money to flow – this facet of my life has been my biggest challenge when it comes to ease. I’ve done years of work on my mindest around money, and being around other women doing the same I’ve noticed this: our resistance to buying items that would make our lives easier actually has nothing to do with money.

There are hundreds of changes we can make that cost nothing, or very little, to better our lives. Yet we often resist doing so. It’s not about the money. It’s about giving ourselves permission and knowing that we are worth it.

∆ ∆ ∆ 

Your underwear can be an indication of how you’re currently treating yourself… Are your undies new, or old and worn out, perhaps with stretched elastic? Do they fit comfortably, or are you tolerating undies that dig in or ride up? Do you feel attractive and confident when you put your underwear on? If not... why are you settling? You don't have to spend much at all on new underwear.

If you’re waiting until you feel confident to do something that intimidates you… you will never, ever do it. The confidence comes through doing it, it comes after the action.

The path isn’t lit up until you take the first step. So start before you feel ready.  Move forward in the dark in faith, and know the Universe will rise up to meet you part way and illuminate the way for you.

Take action despite the self-doubt. Make a decision to do it despite the excuses.

You are worthy.

You can do whatever you dream of.

I love you.

∆ ∆ ∆ 

By the way, If you’d like to  attract more abundance or fix your finances, I cannot recommend Denise Duffield-Thomas highly enough. She‘s my mentor and the go-to expert in that area, and has so many free, useful resources on her website.