Have you ever hit rock bottom?


So much in the world is cyclical. As humans, we’re travelling a cyclical trajectory in each area of our lives. Round and round in a generally predictable circle, until something happens to interrupt our path and deflect us off in a new direction, into alternate territory.

Sometimes, the event that interrupts someone’s trajectory is a health crisis. Faced with a sudden diagnosis, that person is shocked into making different decisions and taking new actions.

Sometimes, the event that forces change is reaching the ‘end of your rope’.

Feeling like you can’t take anymore.  Like there is no hope. 

When you ‘bottom out’, when you hit your lowest point, when you experience a ‘dark night of the soul’. When you succumb to all the confusion, and fear, and frustration. When you crumple to the floor sobbing uncontrollably, because you can’t see any way through a situation, and you’re done trying...

I had a moment like that recently, and I was talking to someone afterwards who had just experienced the same. And I laughed as I realised it’s quite often the kitchen or bathroom floor that you hit, collapsing onto your knees, sobbing so hard you can barely breathe.  No one chooses to sit on a cold, uncomfortable floor like that. But in a moment in which you are totally consumed by your feelings: by the grief, the sadness, the overwhelm – you’re not focused on those details. You are completely present with the pain and the emotion.

And this is when true, revolutionary change occurs.

In that moment that you reach breaking point and you ‘give up’… your ego surrenders. That human, critical inner voice that has been trying to control outcomes for so long,is forced to submit. You release your grip, and take your hands off the wheel; and in doing so you allow a power so much greater than yourself to step in.

In that moment, you make a firm decision. Things cannot be the way they have been, for any longer. You are done. You are ready for something new. You need things to be different.

There is so much power in making that decision.  In doing so, you have set a strong, energetic intention.  The Universe responds quickly to this clarity.

And there is so much power in letting go, admitting you don’t have the answers, and surrendering. The Universe responds quickly to this trust and allowing.

It is reaching that point, of feeling totally fed up with the way things are, that people are able to transform their lives. Someone who has been stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight loss and gain for years finally commits to making the long-term lifestyle changes needed. They’re able to lose the weight and create the healthy body they’ve desired for so long.

Someone who has been stuck in the money ‘struggle cycle’ finally turns their situation around, sticks to a plan to become free of debt, and begins to create wealth and financial flow.

Someone who has repressed past traumas and emotions for years finally takes the actions needed for them to heal.

Often, this is when a client will come to me – when the weight of their unhealed hurts has become too much for them to carry any longer. I wish, for their sake, that they had come sooner.

We are accustomed to neglecting ourselves.

I know that there are a million other things for you to do first, before you focus on you. Healing yourself isn’t often a priority in your day to day life. If you broke a leg, you’d rush to the hospital. But your emotional and energetic injuries aren’t as obvious. So you ignore them, for as long as you can.

But this is the reality:

Everything in your external life is a product of your internal, energetic state. Focusing on the external is an inefficient use of our time – and in our modern society, time is a precious resource for everyone.

When you focus on your external world, you’re just looking at the symptoms. A complicated life is a symptom of issues in your energy field. Feeling confused and stuck… is a symptom of what’s happening in your energy field. Problems with relationships, love, money, career… all stem from blockages in your energy field.  Absolutely everything that materialises in your external world began in your energy field.

Investing in your own healing and your energetic, emotional and mental health is the actually most productive, efficient thing you can do in any day. It will transform your external world in ways you can’t imagine right now.

Cut out the middle man, and deal with issues at the source – often before they even manifest as problems in your outer world.

You don’t need to wait until you experience a crisis to make a decision.

You can make a decision right now, to prioritise your health and wellbeing.  Decide, and the Universe will support you.  Commit, and the Universe will respond by bringing to you the tools and the people you need.

If you’ve been waiting – for the ‘right time’, for a sign – know that THIS IS IT.

Look after yourself. You are worth it.

∆ ∆ ∆

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