Benefits of distant healing over in person sessions


1.     You can choose to work with THE BEST – not just the best in your area

If you are reading this, you have access to the internet, which is something 45% of the world’s population doesn’t have. We are incredibly fortunate to live in affluent places, in such an advanced time, with access to new and previously wildly unimaginable technology.

Previously, if you wanted the support of a practitioner, you could choose from the limited number in your area. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can choose from millions of practitioners around the world. Location is no longer a limiting factor. You can choose someone you truly resonate with and who is going to get you the best results, rather than someone who just happens to live around the corner.


2. You save time

We’re all busy. Time is a precious resource. It’s non-renewable! Distant/online sessions from home mean you save on time (and effort) travelling to and from a physical location. Simply log on from your lounge room, et voila - you’re ready for your session with me!



3. You can relax and allow your energy field to settle immediately afterwards

Rather than sitting in traffic or having to navigate transport to get home, you can immediately relax and allow the benefits of the Reiki energy to continue. You might feel like having a nap or going straight to bed, enjoying a bath, or relaxing with a book that you feel inspired to read.


4. Your space gets the benefits of the Reiki energy, too

The space in which you had the session will have been filled with loving, high-vibration Reiki energy. Your loved ones, pets and visitors to the space will receive that loving energy and benefit from it too.


5.     More comfortable for you

In the comfort of your own space, you are more relaxed. You have control over the environment (the temperature, whether you sit or lie down, any ambient music you might choose to play) and can create a pleasing, relaxing space in which to receive all the benefits of your session.


6.     Less distractions for you and for me

As you are completely comfortable and at ease in your own space, you are able to focus solely on the healing experience of your session.

And without the distraction of a physical body in front of me, I am focusing purely on your energetic body. This allows extremely accurate readings with very positive results and breakthroughs for you.

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