Does distant healing work?


The answer to this question is YES!

I love having my own personal healing sessions online. I live in Melbourne, Australia; yet I am able to work regularly with my healers and coaches who live in Perth and Adelaide in Australia; Phoenix, Miami and New Orleans in the U.S.; Toronto in Canada; and Wales in the U.K. - to clear my blocks, keep my energy field healthy, and move forward in my life.

Distance healing works equally as well as an in person healing session.

If anything, it may be more powerful…

… without the distraction of a physical body in front of me, I am focusing purely on your energetic body. This allows extremely accurate readings with very positive results and breakthroughs for you.

Sometimes during distant sessions, a client may feel me working on them as if we were physically together – a touch on the shoulder, some warmth around the stomach, tingles in an arm and so on.

Clients I work with via distance experience the same benefits from the Reiki as if we were face to face: feelings of relaxation, happiness, empowerment, ease, freedom and more!

Distant energy healing sessions can:

>>> Release energetic imprints from the past that are creating negative patterns in your life

>>> Heal childhood, ancestral and past life traumas

>>> Dissolve energetic cords from toxic relationships

>>> Clear blockages and repeating patterns that have you ‘stuck’

>>> Release negative and obsessive thought patterns and beliefs

>>> Relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm and insomnia

>>> Dissolve relationship fears and challenges

>>> Release tension from your body and mind

>>> Increase self-esteem, self-love, intuition and self-trust

>>> Give you clarity and direction

>>> Increase energy and vitality

>>> Leave you feeling deeply calm, centred and empowered!

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How does distant healing work?

Benefits of distant healing over in person healing