Having a tough time? A channelled message for YOU


How have the past few weeks been for you?

I want to share with you, vulnerably and honestly, that for me they've been really tough.

There were days I couldn't leave my apartment. I experienced bouts of crying, anxiety and panic attacks. I felt flat. I felt crappy, helpless and hopeless.


There was no free March group reading emailed out to those on my list. And here is the honest truth about why: I simply couldn't manage it. I was struggling.

(Thank you, deeply, for your understanding. In lieu of this month's reading, I have an exciting offer for you, at the bottom of this post. Not on the list for free readings? Just put your email address into the form in the website footer)

Throughout this month I've had to cancel 1:1 client sessions. Reschedule 'Release & Rise' coaching calls. Decline all social invitations.

It was as if all my old demons resurfaced: self-doubt, self-judgment, self-criticism, self-sabotage, perfectionism... 

Old programming from my childhood - limiting beliefs my abusive past had filled my head with - started playing in my mind again. New layers of old crap arose, for me to reprocess and to relearn.

But as people around me opened up about how they had been going... I realised I was not alone.

When I began seeing clients again, and we explored what had been happening in their lives... I realised I was not alone.

Recent times have been hard for everyone.

You are not alone. We have all been going through it.

And in a 1:1 Reiki session with a client recently, a message came through that I believe we all need to hear.

Spirit communicates with me in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, I receive part of a message in the form of song lyrics, which is the case here.

 Here is the channelled message for you...

“‘Step by step

Heart to heart

Left, right, left

We all fall down

Like toy soldiers’

You’re not alone in this…

Everyone is going through it.

This is a really profound time for people who have big, open heart chakras and who are here to change the world.

I’m seeing that the line ‘heart to heart’ is a part of the message of all of us being so intrinsically connected to each other, and even to nature (which is a really beautiful image), and to the whole planet around us.

And I’m being shown that the reason we are going through this is that we are sort of acting like filters for the vibration of the whole planet.

Because humanity has been going through so much recently, and people have been feeling so flat and down, it’s as if there has been an ‘energetic earthquake’ and we are the ones receiving the brunt of that energy (intentionally), to act not just like buffers but to transmute that as well.

It’s like this tremor has shaken up so much of our old stuff, so that we can shift that out and then we become stronger, brighter conduits for healing energy for the rest of the world…”

∆ ∆ ∆ 

As I lifted from the depression and confusion of the past few weeks, assimilating all the lessons and wisdom in it, something wonderful happened...

 I was shown, by Source, how I must support others to ascend. 

I was told that we must rise.


Time to stop ‘playing small’, hiding and minimising yourself, and get comfortable being powerfully visible.

Time to stop dismissing or invalidating your abilities and successes, and instead take the time to give yourself credit.

Time to draw healthy boundaries with love.

Time to confidently ask for exactly what you want.

Time to command the respect you inherently deserve.

Time to stop sacrificing your own dreams and desires.

Time to stop settling for friends, partners, jobs and situations that don’t deeply honour you as the Divine Being you truly are.


You know you deserve better. Now claim it.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the past few weeks of darkness, I excitedly introduce to you...


THIS is how you will up level.

THIS is how you can transform the world, by transforming your relationship with yourself first.

Get on board now and you lock in the low price for the lifetime of your membership.

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Just a commitment to you. To your visions. To your worth.

See you in the club xx