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Have you ever hit rock bottom?

Have you ever hit rock bottom?

In that moment that you reach breaking point and you ‘give up’… your ego surrenders. That human, critical inner voice that has been trying to control outcomes for so long,is forced to submit. You release your grip, and take your hands off the wheel; and in doing so you allow a power so much greater than yourself to step in.

In that moment, you make a firm decision. Things cannot be the way they have been, for any longer. You are done. You are ready for something new. You need things to be different.

There is so much power in making that decision.  In doing so, you have set a strong, energetic intention.  The Universe responds quickly to this clarity.

And there is so much power in letting go, admitting you don’t have the answers, and surrendering. The Universe responds quickly to this trust and allowing.

Save $111 this month only!

Save $111 this month only!

I feel incredibly lucky to work with some of the most amazing, huge-hearted women. I've watched with genuine joy as clients heal past pain and trauma (in some cases quite quickly!), overcome issues such as self-sabotage, and develop so much self-confidence and self-love as a result of our work together.

As I continue to grow, it’s my desire to continue to offer unmatched service and results that improve my clients’ lives. I pride myself on the integrity of my work and the transformational results it provides people just like you.

I know that some of the reasons my gorgeous clients experience such amazing results are my:

>>>    genuine commitment to serving you at the highest level

>>>    cool psychic superpowers

>>>   ability to think outside the box and do things differently to others!

Effective October 1st, the investment for my 1:1 Reiki and reading sessions will increase to US $222. 

I will reserve spots for you at the current rate of US $111, before the price increase, so if you've been considering working with me or intending to book in follow up sessions, get in touch ASAP to secure the lower rate!

What is an aura? Chakras? Reiki? And why does this stuff matter?

What is an aura? Chakras? Reiki? And why does this stuff matter?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uneasy, without any logical reason why? Have you ever thought of someone randomly, only to hear from them shortly afterwards?

An electromagnetic field (aura) emanates from all matter that exists. A tree has an aura, a book has an aura, you have an aura. In the above scenarios, you are unconsciously sensing and connecting with other’s auras.  This field of energy exists outside the range of our normal vision, but can be perceived by those of us who have psychic abilities.