Healing from abuse

Exercise to heal from a critical, judgemental parent

This is an easy but incredibly powerful exercise for you if you had a critical, judgemental parent.

Having had a strong, critical, harsh voice from your mum, dad or other caregivers growing up has significant impacts on your entire life.

Those experiences result in continuing challenges in your life as an adult. Things like…

  • People-pleasing

  • Being afraid to say no

  • Wanting to do everything for everyone

  • Anxiety

  • Issues sleeping

  • Depression

  • Lack of motivation

  • Underachieving

  • Sabotaging

  • Perfectionism, and so much more…

Having a tough time? A channelled message for YOU

Having a tough time? A channelled message for YOU

A message channelled from Source, for you:

“…And I’m being shown that the reason we are going through this is that we are sort of acting like filters for the vibration of the whole planet.

Because humanity has been going through so much recently, and people have been feeling so flat and down, it’s as if there has been an ‘energetic earthquake’ and we are the ones receiving the brunt of that energy (intentionally), to act not just like buffers but to transmute that as well.

It’s like this tremor has shaken up so much of our old stuff, so that we can shift that out and then we become stronger, brighter conduits for healing energy for the rest of the world…”

13 ways parental abuse is still affecting your life

13 ways parental abuse is still affecting your life

Are you aware of how past abuse is affecting your present life?

Those experiences may be negatively impacting your relationships, the decisions you make, the abundance you attract, your confidence, happiness and quality of life…

How many of these behaviours are true for you?

Is Mother's Day hard for you?

Is Mother's Day hard for you?

It’s time to stop seeking your mother’s love and approval, and to give yourself the love that your mum didn’t provide. It’s time to finally release all the pain and self-sabotage that’s been ruling your life. It’s time to be free of anguish, grief and lack of direction. It’s time to rise into your inherent power and own your true worth. It’s time you undertook the journey of recognition and recovery: of moving on, healing, and claiming your own self as the wonderful, vibrant woman you truly are.