30 minutes of relaxing, repeated affirmations that will

reprogramme your subconscious mind,

override limiting beliefs,

build a positive mindset... 

enabling you to achieve your dreams and create the life that you want.


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The affirmations were channelled by Melinda, from Source (God, Spirit, the Divine).

The background music is by an angelic being, Thaddeus, for healing and evolution. It was channelled by Sanaya Roman.

The product has been blessed and infused with Reiki energy, increasing it’s effectiveness and potency.

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive, present-tense sentences designed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. Repeating positive sentences enables them to be absorbed by the mind to become a part of a person's belief system, positively influencing their behaviours, habits and actions. 

Affirmations are a powerful way to reprogramme your mind and replace the limiting beliefs you have, that are keeping you 'stuck' and preventing you from living your dreams. 

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How to use this recording

When should I listen to the recording?

Whenever you can, as often as you can. I've designed it to be relaxing, so that you can listen in bed as you fall asleep; but you can listen to it anytime you like. 


How often should I listen for the benefits?

I recommend listening to at least 10 minutes of the recording each day, ideally for at least a month. However, any time you spend listening will be of benefit. It should be a ritual that feels good for you, so just do whatever feels best and works with your lifestyle.

You can experience changes taking place the same day that you start listening to affirmations; other times it may take several weeks before you consciously notice a change. Remember, you are undoing a lifetime of negative programming and conditioning. Be patient with yourself, and persevere. 


What position should I listen in? Should I close my eyes?

Just do whatever is comfortable and practical for you. If at home, I like to lie down in a quiet space and have my eyes closed. I slip into a meditative state more easily in this position. However, I also listen while I'm out walking, or while I'm on public transport, and then I'm listening standing or seated with my eyes open. 

I recommend saving the file to your phone, so you can listen wherever you are.


Should I listen using headphones or not?

Headphones are not required. You can listen to the audio however you like. 


Should I focus on something, or think about something?

The affirmations will be absorbed by your subconscious mind even if you're not concentrating, so feel free to just relax.

However, if you are actively listening, you might like to repeat each affirmation out loud, or silently to yourself, after you hear it in the recording. You can also try to 'feel' each affirmation as being true for you. 


What if I fall asleep while I'm listening?

As long as this doesn't happen while you're driving, it's fine! Your subconscious mind will be very open to integrating the affirmations, as your conscious mind - 'the gatekeeper' - will be more dormant. 


What if listening makes me feel uncomfortable and emotional?

Self-love affirmations used with angelic, channelled music is a powerful healing combination, and emotions may be stirred up. This can be a normal part of developing and growing personally and spiritually. Remember that you are safe. Just allow the emotions to arise and pass. 

Feeling uncomfortable can also be a sign that the affirmations are really needed by you. Emotions of resistance and discomfort can arise when your subconscious has a belief that is at odds with the affirmation. As the affirmations are positive statements, your deeper belief is likely an opposing, negative one. Please keep listening to the recording! In time, that underlying negative belief will be replaced by the positive one, and you will see huge benefits in your life.

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Usually $27

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The affirmations in the recording:

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I forgive myself for all my perceived mistakes and shortcomings.

My past does not define me. I am empowered to choose a different future.

I am so proud of myself.

I celebrate myself. I am special. There will only ever be one me.

My potential is infinite.

I enjoy being alone, and making time for myself.

It is safe to be me.

I am grateful for every second of my glorious existence.

I love my body, and thank it for allowing me to experience life.

I receive with ease.

I love life, and life loves me.

I add value to the world, simply by being.

It’s my time. And I am ready.

My body is a perfect miracle of nature.

It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.

I approve of and respect myself.

I am divinely guided and protected.

I am worthy of the very best.

I am powerful beyond measure.

I set healthy boundaries that honour my own needs and desires.

I trust in the flow of life.

I easily take inspired actions that allow me to achieve my dreams.

There is no one on this planet like me. I am unique! I am perfectly me.

I easily forgive, and free myself of the past.

There is a way through every block.

I lovingly release all that doesn’t serve my highest good.

I love who I was. I love who I am. I love who I am becoming.

I am grateful for everything around me. What a wonderful world I live in!

In every way, I am doing the best that I can.

I am a master manifestor, creating my reality with my thoughts.

I always trust my intuition.

I nourish my beautiful body with healthy, loving lifestyle choices.

I can only be me, and that is good enough.

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The background music

 'Spiritual Sun Opening' - by the angelic being, Thaddeus. Used with permission.

One day, as I was playing the keyboards, I felt the presence of an enormous, radiant angel. I opened my heart to this lighted being, whom I now call “Thaddeus,” and blended my consciousness with his.

Thaddeus has come to join me a number of times to create musical pieces, each one with a special spiritual purpose. I cannot summon Thaddeus; I often wait weeks, months, or even years before Thaddeus is present to guide my hands and lift me up into his realms of angelic music.

Thaddeus’ music is created to help people awaken inner strength, to heal past pain, to lift out of denser energies into the light, and to link with the Beings of Light who always stand ready to assist. Each musical journey by Thaddeus brings an opportunity for healing and for evolution.
— Sanaya Roman
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Today just $7


May this recording support you to achieve everything you dream of.

With love, Melinda xx