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All my healings and readings are intuitively led.

Write here...

I use my psychic abilities

to tUNE into what you most neeD,

and allow that information to guide the session.


1:1 energy healing sessions can:

>>> Release energetic imprints from the past that are creating negative patterns in your life

>>> Heal childhood, ancestral and past life traumas

>>> Dissolve energetic cords from toxic relationships

>>> Clear blockages and repeating patterns that have you ‘stuck’

>>> Release negative and obsessive thought patterns and beliefs

>>> Relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm and insomnia

>>> Dissolve relationship fears and challenges

>>> Release tension from your body and mind

>>> Increase self-esteem, self-love, intuition and self-trust

>>> Give you clarity and direction

>>> Increase energy and vitality

>>> Leave you feeling deeply calm, centred and empowered!

Each session combines:

  • Powerful energy healing to cleanse and clear your aura and chakras


  • Messages/readings, providing information to assist you to move forward


  • Spiritual and life coaching, to empower you to find solutions and make changes in your life


I use a combination of traditional Usui Reiki hand positions, symbols and mantras, with other healing modalities specific to your needs. This may be White Light, coloured light, crystal therapies, sound healing – whatever is most supportive for you at that moment. I pass on any psychic insights received from your energy body, plus messages received from the spirit realm (from any spirit guides, angels or loved ones that come through) to you.


What is energy healing?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uneasy, without any logical reason why? Have you ever thought of someone randomly, only to hear from them shortly afterwards?

An electromagnetic field (aura) emanates from all matter that exists. A tree has an aura, a book has an aura, you have an aura. In the above scenarios, you are unconsciously sensing and connecting with other’s auras.  This field of energy exists outside the range of our normal vision, but can be perceived by those of us who have psychic abilities.

Chakras are energy centres within your aura. Your energy field has 7 main chakras, and each of these chakras looks after certain areas of your life (such as finances, health, career, self-confidence, creativity, relationships…). They take in universal life force energy, which is vital for healthy functioning of your energy body. You may have heard universal energy referred to as Qi (Chinese tradition), Prana (Indian tradition) or Reiki (Japanese tradition).

If a chakra isn’t functioning properly, your life will be affected. When chakras are out of balance, blocked or depleted, eventually dis-ease and disharmony manifests in your external, physical reality. Every problem you experience in your external life began as an internal energetic blockage. I’ll repeat that, because it’s important:

Every problem you experience in your external life began as an internal, energetic issue.

The state of your energy field literally creates your reality.

You don’t need to focus on what's not working in your life. You need to focus on looking after your energy field.

Changing your energy field will change your life.

This is not new knowledge. This awareness has been a part of many traditions throughout history, it just sounds revolutionary to us in the modern western world (where our society has drifted away from what humanity has known for so long).

Here’s good news for you: while other healing modalities do have their place, it’s usually not necessary to spend hours in therapy dredging up and talking through your trauma and difficulties. You can simply heal problems at the source, within your energy field.

During your 1:1 session, I channel Reiki (universal life force energy) to your chakras. The Reiki cleanses and strengthens your chakras, assisting them to work to their full potential. The healing clears out blockages, and raises the vibration of your energy field. Like attracts like in the universe, so the higher your energetic vibration, the more high-vibe energies like love, joy and abundance you attract!

I wanted to tell you that since the day of the healing I have been very happy, and feel like a huge weight has been lifted. And so many good things have been coming to me!
— Eve B.


The answer to this question is YES!

I love having my own personal healing sessions online. I live in Melbourne, Australia; yet I am able to work regularly with various healers who live in Perth and Adelaide in Australia; Phoenix, Miami and New Orleans in the US; and Toronto in Canada - to clear my blocks, keep my energy field healthy, and move forward in my life.

Distance healing works equally as well as an in person healing session.

If anything, it may be more powerful…

…without the distraction of a physical body in front of me, I am focusing purely on your energetic body. This allows extremely accurate readings with very positive results and breakthroughs for you.

Sometimes during distant sessions, a client may feel me working on them as if we were physically together – a touch on the shoulder, some warmth around the stomach, tingles in an arm and so on.

Clients I work with via distance experience the same benefits from the Reiki as if we were face to face: feelings of relaxation, happiness, empowerment, ease, freedom and more!



I receive psychic information visually (I am strongly clairvoyant, one who ‘sees’), via images and symbols that I see.

When I am seeing someone’s aura, I don’t see it around their physical body.

I am seeing it as an image projected in the space just in front of my forehead.

I don’t need to look at your physical body to see the information in your aura. It doesn’t matter if you are in front of me, on the other side of town, or on the other side of the world.

As soon as I receive your permission to tune into it,

I can see your energy field clearly no matter where you are.

You can see this in action in the readings I’ve done via Facebook Live – I can simply ‘tune into’ someone’s energy field from where I am. 


Benefits of distant healing over in person healing

1.     You can choose to work with THE BEST – not just the best within your area

If you are reading this, you have access to the internet, which is something 45% of the world’s population doesn’t have. We are incredibly fortunate to live in affluent places, in such an advanced time, with access to new and previously wildly unimaginable technology.

Previously, if you wanted the support of a practitioner, you could only choose from the limited number in your area. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can choose from millions of practitioners around the world!

Location is no longer a limiting factor. You can choose someone you truly resonate with and who is going to get you the best results, rather than someone who just happens to live nearby.

2.     You save time

 We’re all busy. Time is a precious resource. It’s non-renewable! Distant/online sessions from home mean you save on time (and effort( travelling to and from a physical location. Simply log on from your lounge room, et voila - you’re ready for your session with me!

3. You can relax and allow your energy field to settle immediately afterwards

Rather than sitting in traffic or having to navigate transport to get home, you can immediately relax and allow the benefits of the Reiki energy to continue. You might feel like having a nap or going straight to bed, enjoying a bath, or relaxing with a book that you feel inspired to read.

4. Your space receives the benefits of the Reiki energy too

The space in which you had the session will have been filled with loving, high-vibration Reiki energy. Your loved ones, pets and visitors to the space will receive that wonderful energy and benefit from it too.

5.     More comfortable for you

In the comfort of your own space, you are more relaxed. You have control over the environment - the temperature, whether you sit or lie down, any ambient music you might choose to play) and can create a pleasing, relaxing space in which to receive all the benefits of your session.

6. Less distractions for you and for me

As you are completely comfortable and at ease in your own space, you are able to focus solely on the healing experience of your session.

And without the distraction of a physical body in front of me, I am focusing purely on your energetic body. This allows extremely accurate readings with very positive results and breakthroughs for you.


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Sessions are held worldwide (using Zoom/Skype/FaceTime)

Investment: $222 (USD)

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