Distant Reiki healings and psychic readings

I send free Reiki healing (via distance) to whoever would like to receive it, on the 1st of each month.

I email you detailed notes afterwards, of all the psychic information and guidance I received for you.

You only need to sign up once, to be included in all future healings and readings.


Learn more about how energy healing works here

Thank you. I’m a blubbering mess but in the happiest of ways.

Honestly, I had my doubts about how relatable this would be as I’ve never experienced anything like a group reading through email before. Usually I do my own readings using the oracle of Mahjong and I have complete faith in my bag of tiles and little red book but you’ve completely vanished any doubts that were floating around my brain.

You clearly have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing that with me and allowing me to receive the most precious knowledge/confirmation I could have ever hoped for. Reading those words, the way you wrote them, everything down to the punctuation but most of all the overwhelming feeling I felt as reading them was enough to dismiss any doubts I have. I am grateful beyond explanation. Thank you.
— Georgia C.
Wow, just wow. Receiving this message on my birthday is amazing and everything you said was so spot on I was in shock while reading it. I no lie had a dream last night of a bear beside my bead after falling asleep meditating on my throat chakra. This message brings me such comfort, I thank you and am not usually one to buy readings on the internet but I will definitely be getting one from you in future. You are the real deal girl!
Love love love
— Laura H.
I wanted to tell you that since the day of the healing I have been very happy, and feel like a weight has been lifted. And so many good things have been coming to me!
— Eve B.
Thank you so much for including me in this months healing. I cannot explain how spot on it was. I have been feeling very stuck and anxious and a lot of past stuff has been coming up. Quite heavy stuff that I am trying to move. The healing and reading was so helpful. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
— Sarah B.
Thank you so much for that reading, everything you got was 100% correct and a lot of those things have happened and been a theme in the last month! It’s amazing. Much love to you, thank you.
— Victoria O.

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