Psychic Reading December 2018

As soon as I connected with your energy field, a sea turtle appeared. She brought with her a sense of peace and wellbeing; a message of “finally” being at peace with your surroundings and with what is and what will be. Right now there is an integration of soul wisdom of many lifetimes past and beyond this one happening for you. It is a time for community, love, acceptance of self and others; and if you will allow it, a new found calm for you, even amongst the chaos of the world. I asked for some practical advice on how you could do this, and received this message:

“Go within. Go within and see what you find. Be brave. Dive deep, open your eyes to the treasures within you. Be bold, my love, and you will find what you are looking for, you will find all that you seek. Be brave. Be bold, deep dive within. You cannot even imagine the rewards that lay there, awaiting your awareness, your awakening, your energy. You want to be at peace? You WILL find it here.”

Environment is important this month. Surround yourself with things, people, places. spaces that light you up, that make you feel good, that make you smile, that allow you to feel centred and whole and calm. Your time on this earth in this incarnation is limited. Why spend it doing things you don’t want to? Focus on the things that bring you joy this month (and always!), and do less of the ‘filler’ stuff, the boring things that perhaps we do only to pass and to waste time.

I was then shown an image of a teddy bear and a cartoon, with a sense of childhood joys. This is a time for snuggling up with a bear, a book, a movie, when you need it. There’s no time for guilt around self care anymore, especially this month. You have permission (not that you ever needed it) to focus on you, to do you, to take all the time that you need to refresh, reconnect and recalibrate whenever and wherever you need. Don’t ignore that awareness. Respond when you intuitively know that it is time for your body to rest. There is nothing to be gained by pushing, by forcing, by trying too hard, by struggle. “Allow it to be easy.”

I then saw gold coins falling down from above your aura, with messages of luck, abundance, joy, love and good fortune. Allow it to be so. Receive the treasures that are waiting to enter your space and your reality. “Allow it to be so. Allow it to be easy.”

The next image was a Queen’s crown, with a sense of grace and again, the word “ease”. You are the ruler of your heart, your mind, your body. You co-create your entire world, reality, kingdom. So what sort of world do you want to live in? What do you want to create? Spend some time in silence this month tuning into that; considering what’s your idea of a perfect reality, your utopia? And then allow that to be so. No dream is too lofty. In co-collaboration with the Divine/God/Source, your world can look any way you want it to. You only need to decide, and to believe.

I then heard some song lyrics that had a message within them for you to focus on bringing all of your energy into alignment with what it is you say you want. How can you do this? Focus on the vision: create a vision board, set reminders on your phone, spend time meditating on and visualising how you want things to look and how you want to feel. Then what? Clear out anything that is blocking you from allowing yourself to receive and experience that vision. Things such as self-doubt, fears, people who don’t believe in your dreams, any tasks and jobs that are detracting energy that could be channelled toward inspired action towards your vision.

The final message for you this month was this:

“Ground into the earth.  Centre into you. Come into that space within you, the silence between thoughts, the true essence of who you are. This is what is most important this month. This is how you will win, how you will move forward.”

Psychic Reading November 2018

As soon as I tuned in, a frog and a Native American chief appeared. Frog represents cleansing. She signifies a need to shift the emotional dust that blocks our vision; and helps to cleanse the spirit through the release of tears, which clear unexpressed emotion. When embraced, tears welcome growth and change.  Without rain, there is no life, frog tells us. Without tears, there is no healing. Frog asks you to take time out for yourself, to release emotional baggage, and to welcome and honour tears as a healthy way to cleanse pain, fear and grief from your being.

The Native American man began hitting a drum - heralding the arrival of the new, I was told – and I saw dark storm clouds moving in.  This actually felt like a change that was positive; rain and winds arriving to cleanse you.  ‘Stay true to you,’ he said. ‘Don’t be dissuaded. You have the power, your moral compass is strong. Don’t be dissuaded. Stay true to you. You can’t go wrong.’

Violet light began swirling in around the crown chakra as the chief drummed and began chanting. This felt like a ’reunion’ with spirit, a revitalised connection to Source/the Universe/all that is/God  for you. Of course that connection has always been there, it’s just your perception that will change. There is no need for you to do anything for this occur, I was told. The Reiki energy is supporting it.

I saw a lace doily at third eye, and the energy of ancestors came through – there was a sense of grandmotherly love from the spirit realm. I was shown a kind looking grandmother with literally an additional eye on her forehead at the third eye chakra. It was open really wide and taking much in. This represents your perception expanding. Be kind to yourself as this unfolds. You may feel confused, rattled, shaken at various points throughout this month.  Grandmother pointed up to the storm clouds the Native American chief had welcomed in. ‘It is all for a reason – look to the sky – it is meant to be. It is all meant to be.’

At the throat chakra, frog appeared again. There is continued cleansing and clearing there this month.

At the heart chakra, a duck appeared,. He was splashing in puddles. This felt like a message of more cleansing of emotion (water being a cleansing tool and also a symbol of emotion). You are safe and supported this month (and always!) to allow your feelings to flow out. Cry when you need to, allow that sacred release. Stifling your emotions is more harmful than helpful. Let all that you feel come out.

At the solar plexus chakra,  duck returned. This time he was moving with a real sense of purpose, taking deliberate strides as if on the way somewhere to ‘do business’. It feels as though there will be progression in aspects of career and work this month – this may include a change of circumstances or new start.  Your heart knows,  I was asked to tell you; so let your heart lead and inform the decisions you make. You know what’s best for your soul.

There was a motherly energy at the sacral chakra. This felt like love from the Divine Mother, from Source/God.  There is a lot of support from spirit to do whatever it is you feel passionate about – perhaps it’s a sport you used to play as a kid, an activity you used to love, a hobby that you always had an interest in. Dedicate your time to these things this month. You have permission (not that you need it!) to play, explore and enjoy life! Reconnect with what you love, as this feels as though it will lead to a greater understanding of what you require to make you happy in this lifetime. Allow your passions to inform more of your life than anything else does.

At the root chakra, there was the smell of sweet flowers, and honey, with the gentle buzz of bees. This is a time of pollination of ideas – concepts and ideas that have previously existed in your upper chakras are naturally sinking down to assimilate into your reality through the root chakra. I was told you can support this by taking the time to give yourself foot massages, and also by wearing socks to keep the chakras in the bottoms of your feet warm and cosy (not ideal for those of us coming into the Australian summer, but that was the suggestion).

The overall themes of this month are cleansing (crying is definitely okay!) and increasing perception – there will definitely be shifts in ways we understand, interpret and assimilate things.