Psychic Reading October 2018

As I started channelling, a monkey appeared on your back and at the throat . It feels as though there has been some hesitation around expression. This is not a time for silence, is the message. It is a time for diplomatic expression of your true thoughts and feelings. Monkey brings in that energy of expression through his vocal chatter.

There were butterflies at the crown chakra, and a sense of a gentle metamorphosis occurring. There is much shifting, especially things related to family. If you’ve been trying to heal something for a while, it’s as if there’s ‘light at the end of tunnel’ in sight now. I am sensing a literal spring in your step, and an energy that’s lighter and joyful.

I was prompted to pass on this simple message: ‘If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.’

At the third eye, I was shown a pirate. He felt related to old fears and worries coming ‘out to play’. Don’t pay them any attention, was the message. You have the power, the tools and the wisdom to move beyond them. It’s as if this is one final ‘push’, a test to see if you’ve integrated the lessons surrounding the fears. (Hint: you have. I see you acing this test with flying colours, so believe in yourself and back yourself to overcome things 100%).

There was an octopus at the throat, representing the diplomatic and intelligent expression already mentioned at the start of the reading.

I heard a very slow, strong heart beat as I channelled to the heart chakra. It’s as if time slows down for you this month, and there is a reminder for you to slow right too. I was shown scenes played out in slow motion. ‘There’s no need to be in a rush.’ ‘Time is on your side.’ Let go of any fear-based energies of ‘hurry’ and impatience.

Some previous energetic wounding at the heart may be prevalent for you this month, but rest assured that it is only resurfacing/being triggered in order for you to heal it.

At the solar plexus, I was told that this is a month for integrating alternate views, and a deepening understanding of self and of other. A butterfly appeared, once again representing metamorphosis.  Polar bear also appeared. He affords us the chance to reassess our values, beliefs, and personal commitments. He supports us to feel great in our own bodies, and to see ourselves as part of the whole rather than separate. He is also supportive of the expression of feelings, rather than biting the tongue.

At the sacral chakra, I heard the word ‘depression.’ If you have been experiencing this, there might be more information made available to you about the true and deeper causes of it this month. There is also some collective core wounding of the feminine being healed. I was shown a ‘sifting through’ of knowledge long forgotten, down in the depths of our sacral wombs and in our spines. A ‘reaccessing’ of information for ascension and development. ‘It is time,’ I was told.

At the base chakra I was shown peas in a pod, and heard wind chimes. The peas represent feeling a part of community; a sense of belonging. The chimes had a relaxed and safe energy. Stability is a natural part of this month – October feels grounded and steady for most.