Psychic Reading February 2017

The focus of the healing this month was definitely the lower chakras.

As I channelled energy into the solar plexus (third) chakra, I was shown a horse. It's fitting that he appeared as I was working on the chakra responsible for your power... The horse highlights our personal power, a power that is realised the very moment we are conceived. He hopes that we will embrace our power and share it with others, teaching them how to awaken their own personal power. Wisdom and awareness comes from being connected to spirit and to all things of nature. Remember who you truly are. You are unique and sacred. Own your personal power.

At the sacral (second) chakra, I was shown a turtle - the symbol of the Earth Mother. Most of us have wandered aimlessly through life at some stage, unsure of what we should do or what decisions to make. We can find ourselves feeling alone and isolated, despite those around us who love us. We forget our connection to spirit; we forget the relationship we have with the Earth Mother and Creation, and we feel we are a separate part. The turtle appears to remind us of the unconditional love and nurturing the Earth Mother provides, and to remind us that we are never alone. No matter where we go, we are cradled in the protective arms of the Earth. Turtle promises that if we learn to ground ourselves in the Earth's nurturing energy and continue to move through life at a steady pace, we will be assured completion of all set tasks. Remember that you are a part of the whole, a dearly loved child of Mother Earth. 

As I worked on your root (first) chakra, I saw a sunflower. The flower was standing tall, strong, rooted firmly into the Earth. Despite growing tall it was strong – I got a definite sense that this flower could not be knocked down.

After channelling energy to all of your body, I checked your aura and chakras for any remaining energy imbalances. The energy felt light at the crown (seventh), third eye (sixth) and throat (fifth) chakras, but quite thick at the heart (fourth) chakra and the lower three chakras I mentioned above. I spent some more time working on each of these chakric points. 

When I reached the solar plexus for the second time, I was shown a lion. He was standing strong, and roaring yet at the same time calm. I understood his appearance to be another reference to your strength and power. Let go of any limiting beliefs or behaviours, rooted in fear, that may be causing you to procrastinate or "play small". Self confidence is your birthright. You can achieve great things.