Psychic Reading April 2017

The colour most prevalent in the sessions was violet, and the chakra that featured most was the heart chakra.

I would usually begin a Reiki session on the front of the body, before moving onto the back. In both sessions this month, I felt called to work on the back of the body first. "Back yourself, first and foremost" I heard.

There was a lot of movement at the crown. I was shown beautiful swimming Koi, and heard the message, "Keep it simple". Koi are said to bring us the opportunity for transformation through meditation and altered state of mind. Now is a good time to have faith and dream big, yet keep anything potentially complex as simple as possible.

At the third eye chakra, a beaver appeared. Beaver endorses the fact that when we limit our beliefs or ignore our options, we block the flow of opportunity that can enter our life. Beaver represents accomplishment, resourcefulness, and achievement, and encourages us to strive for a goal. "You'll do well", I heard.

There was a lot of violet energy at the heart, which is usually green (or pink).

I recently spent several days away doing intensive energy work with a medical intuitive. During that time, I suddenly developed a new way of seeing and perceiving the chakras of the body. Looking at someone side on, I see their energy centres as bars extending horizontally from the body. These bars are different lengths depending on the strength/weakness of the chakra, and I can easily read that picture of a person's energy body like it's a bar graph. When I assessed the chakras in this (new, and totally awesome!) way, the heart chakra was out of balance with all other chakras - it was much bigger. Although having an open heart is important, we're always striving for balance in our energy systems. Ideally, all chakras are similar sizes. If the heart is too big, we can be ruled by our emotions, lack discernment in relationships, and over-give. Cuckoo appeared at this time, and he represents new beginnings. He teaches us to look deeper for solutions. He also encourages tenacity to go the distance to reach the goals you are about to set. 

I felt a sense of impatience at the solar plexus chakra. I then saw a mouse, who appears to tell us that we can all achieve important things if we believe and hold greater expectations for ourselves, plod along at a steady pace and progress little by little. Let go of the impatience, and work consistently and patiently as mouse suggests.

In the sacral chakra, I was shown rocky, deep red earth. I heard that a reconnection to Earth and ancestors is important for you. 

I don't often work with angels (you may have noticed that a lot of animal guides come through instead!), but an angel appeared during the first Reiki session this month and told me his name was Raphael. "Tell them that they are more than what they know", he said.