Psychic Reading April 2018

The Reiki energy starting flowing immediately and really strongly. The collective energy of the group felt really potent and active. Right away I was drawn to the back of your body, though I would usually begin working down the front. We tend to focus on the chakra points at the front of our bodies, but the chakras actually extend out behind us too, and I was guided to channel to the back of your body for the entire session. This focus on the back felt like a 'finetuning', like really deep work getting to the crux of things.

At the crown, I was shown images and heard messages related to release of the old, like 'cleaning out shop' and 'time for a chop' (a haircut being a means of releasing old matter that we no longer need to carry around). This is a great month for focusing on the release of whatever no longer serves you, emotionally and physically. 

At the third eye, a bumble bee appeared. The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolising the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community. Bee promotes the celebration of life and the realisation of potential, encouraging the sowing of new seeds and ideas. She endorses dedicated team work and the manifestation of group vision. In order to reach something that we desire, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to accept the support of others, to listen to their knowledge,  and to trust that they are working for the common good. 

As I channelled to just below the third eye and above the throat chakra, there was the sensation of a strong pull, and a reindeer appeared. Reindeer is associated with stamina, endurance, balance and control. His wisdom offers guidance into how we can regain stability when life feels overwhelming or unsteady, or we are experiencing some emotional pain. There was an energy of impatience when he appeared - his message was that he wants you to move on. If you have been wallowing in a situation or emotion for awhile, reindeer is here to pull you through it. It's time get up and get moving. Reindeer will provide you with comfort, strength and determination.

The energy flow felt strong from the third eye down to the throat, enabling effective, authentic communication of your visions and insight. 

At the heart, there was a sense of a cascade of energy, and I was shown a rainforest waterfall. The energy felt really nourishing, supportive and uplifting. There was a sense of you being lifted from below the shoulder blades and guided by a beautiful light. 'You must remember to look up to see it', I heard. Don't forget that you are always being guided by the Divine, by the source of all creation, and that you can call upon that love whenever you need. 

A sheep then appeared, an omen of being connected to one's purpose and being stable, grounded and driven. If you feel you lack these characteristics, sheep is here to support you to cultivate them. He warns of the risk of blindly following the path of others, without first assessing whether it is truly right for us. He encourages you to follow your personal path and acknowledge your individuality. He supports all your beliefs and values, even those deemed 'untraditional' or non-conforming. Sheep also supports us to embrace a non-judgemental mindset, so that we can acknowledge the sacredness of the personal, individual paths of others, even if they differ greatly to our own. 

At the lower part of the heart chakra, almost at the solar plexus, there was a yellow light. This is an activation of your personal power. A rainbow appeared under your ribs, and I heard the message, 'Time to shine!'. A rainbow is a beautiful symbol of good things to come - often related to a change that you've been hoping for. It reminds us of the beauty and value of life. 'Sunny days ahead', I was told. 'Look out towards the horizon... That sun shines just for you.' 

In the lower spine there was a sense of feeling unsupported, feeling a little bit 'wonky'. There was a message to remember to ask for help when you need it.  Remember also the reminder at the heart, to 'look up' and know you are always supported by spirit. There was a sense of twisting to see all sides of an issue or matter, and I was told this is to your credit, a positive thing for you to do. 'Use your voice, speak up', I heard. 

I saw water at the right hip, a symbol of emotion. The right side is our masculine side, so this emotion is related to doing, pushing, working. Are you stifling your true emotions, pushing them aside as inconvenient because you have 'things to do'? I was then shown blackberries, a symbol of strength and resilience. Blackberry bushes spread easily, and protect themselves well. I was also shown blackcurrants, a plant that provides assistance in fearful situations - especially in facing the self and getting truly comfortable being alone. Black currant assists us to forgive and to release our judgements. The message here is to let down your guard a little. It's okay not to be so strong. It's safe to be vulnerable. It's part of being human! Try to remind yourself to slow down this month, and honour your self with time alone when you can. Practice self-forgiveness. Remember that you are human and you're simply doing the best you can. You deserve love and compassion. Black currant is often recommended to those on a spiritual quest, and the plant will support you to grow spiritually this month.

A bear appeared at the sacral chakra. Bear represents 'going within'. He is largely solitary, and encourages us to seek silence and alone time. 'You need space' was the message, and this felt like a reference to physical space, and to physical, mental and emotional decluttering. This echoes the message at the crown, of releasing the old. 'Make space for the new' I heard. There was a sense of activating and grounding through your feet as I heard that message. Home is important for you right now, and linked to a feeling of it being safe to communicate - there was a strong energy linking the base chakra to the throat. This energy encourages a grounded, authentic expression of your true self. 'Be free to be you' this month. 

There was another sense of you being uplifted, this time from under the butt cheeks, by a whole squad in the spirit realm cheering you on. 'Take inspired action; strong steps' I heard. 'You'll know what to do'. This message felt related to career or business, and for some of you, to direction and clarity surrounding work. 

The feet and base chakras felt strong, having been activated earlier by the Reiki.

Overall there was an uplifting, healing, free flowing energy. The group energy felt like everyone is ‘on track’, even if it doesn’t feel that way for you right now. It felt good, like we’re moving forward. The final message I heard was, 'God loves you. You’ve got this!' (and if the term 'God' doesn't resonate for you, feel free to sub in Source, Spirit, The Divine... I just pass on messages word for word as I receive them).