Psychic Reading January 2018

Immediately I sensed some tension at the throat – this felt like a ‘sorryness’ (the word I was given) for something not said. Communication is vital for survival, I heard. It’s okay to use your voice if something’s not okay.

I was shown the image of a paddlesteamer. Full steam ahead! It’s time for new projects and beginnings. You’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of your potential and what you’re capable of – intuit what this is for you. There may be some choppy water but overall I felt a sense of stable, consistent power.

The third eye chakra felt clear, with open insight, a sense of seeing clearly with a lot of clarity and crystal clear vision. It felt so open and bright! The image I was shown was as if l was looking out a very clear, clean glass window from within your brow, out onto a sunny garden. There was a real sense of happiness and purpose, and a sense of all being well and right. Keep your window clear  and all will be well, I heard. ‘What will that look like?’ I asked, and I received the following message from Spirit for you: ‘It looks like paying attention to your throat and the words you speak. Hold yourself in high regard, pay attention to who and what drains your energy, and who and what uplifts and supports your visions. Be careful who you speak to, and where you speak at. Be at ease with your oneness with self, for only then will all be well – when you are able to see your divineness in all of time and space, your future glistening and risen above all that ails you. This is my vision for you, this is my vision for we – we cannot do it alone. We all depend on you. See how it can be.’

I then felt an itchiness on both my shoulder blades and in an arc across my upper back, with a vision of angelic wings blooming and spreading out. This is what you need to allow now: the unfolding of your angelic and divine strength and grace. The divine wills it. Wriggle and stretch out your upper back now, shake up the energy and accept that a force greater than you has willed you to fly – trust and allow it.

I saw vibrant pink light shoot down both arms beyond the fingertips – an awakening, a lighting up; your potential to do good in the world with grace – and as easily as exhaling, I was shown. I felt warmth breath smoothly leave your mouth and spread out in the world. Exhale now, and know that you are sending what you need to into space.

Next I was shown a teddy bear, along with the word 'talking'. I saw an image of moving lips. ‘Comfort others when they need it – your words hold huge power.’ I was told. ‘Time for communion with others.’ Communion is the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level. ‘The world needs your strength’, I was told. The teddy bear is a reminder to open our hearts, be gentle, care.  It’s related to caring for our inner child, and growing through wisdom.

There was a pink light at throat chakra, the spreading of love through your speech. This light dropped down into the heart space, and there was a feeling of deep contentment and calm joy. I smelt musk sticks, and felt a sense of ‘childhood’ – a relaxed joy, a feeling of being unburdened by the worries we take on as adults. Breathe into that feeling now – imagine how you feel laying in the park sunshine, giggling with your friends, visiting a fair or cinema or anywhere you went as child that is a positive memory for you. Hold that feeling in your heart, knowing that inner child is within you. She IS you. And you are still her. Play with her this month, she doesn’t want to be forgotten.

There was a deep feeling of expansion – it felt ‘earthy’, connected to the land. This expansion ‘will take some work’, I heard. ‘Pay attention to you’, I was told, and then heard this message:

‘What is that you truly want, when not surrounded by your peers? What is that you truly want, when unaffected by the media and the abhorrent noise around you? What is it that you truly want, when uncompared [that’s the word I received] to others for your sins and your servitude to man? What is it in you that needs to be freed or forgotten?'

I was shown image of a thick book, with a message to make time to study and read… knowledge is power. Expand your mind and your heart will be freed. Allow the knowledge you need to flow to you – see it now, a golden glow of light circulating the globe and flying towards you. Inhale, exhale. Receive golden light into your heart and your mind’s eye (forehead). Inhale knowledge, exhale power. Inhale power, exhale knowledge. 'This is the key to a happy life', I was told. 'You need to remind your brain what is true and what is right. Do this for yourself so you can be happy and free.'

At the solar plexus I saw a key, which I was told was 'the key to yourself’, and that it was linked to the throat.  I received this message with the image: 'You have the power within you to be everything you need to be. So set yourself free. See you for who you really are – a magnificent child of god, of all creation, of all that ever is and ever will be. You are a part of this, a miracle, and that cannot be undone. Not by you, not by anyone. You are a miracle.' I saw energy linking the solar plexus to the throat to the third eye.  Power and vision are the keys; especially power from the throat. 'Speak out about what you can see', I heard.  'You won’t damage anyone – you'll only benefit. This is the way it needs to be'. I then saw a rope at the throat area hanging down into chest. This represented 'heart-centred words', a bringing of energy down into heart. Speak from the heart, is the message.

There was a strong sense of grounding down through the lower chakras, and I was shown a picnic rug. Enjoy time outdoors, especially time with friends and loved ones. Do what makes you happy. I was shown sunny, happy scenes and felt a sense of contentment. Cultivate this feeling of joy in your everyday life. Do something just for you, for the pleasure of it.

At the sacral chakra I saw horses, representing personal power. The energy felt wild and freeing. There was a sense of rising up and getting shit done. Use this swirling vortex of power to act on the visions you have – now is the time to plant seeds of creation.

A penguin appeared. He shows up to remind us to continually move forward with our plans and dreams, handling them piece by piece – because there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have the ability to adapt to any situation brought to you at this time. Remain heart-centred and focused - that clarity at the third eye (that I perceived earlier) will serve you well. You CAN see where you need to be, and you have everything that you need to adapt and make it happen. Trust in that now. You have the ability to create anything and everything you choose in life. Penguin also felt to be bringing that childhood sense of warmth and contentment along with him – have fun this month, enjoy playing. He wants you to smile!

I sensed a tingling at the feet, a grounding of creative energies that will serve you well this month and in years to come. Put one foot forward and the rest will follow. It will flow as you start taking steps, I was told. There was a smell of fresh cut wood and earth, with the message that you’ve been cutting wood and preparing, and now it’s time for the fire. You have willed it, it is to be. Allow it. Surrender.

There was a sense of weakness at the knees, a feeling of being unsupported… Do you truly feel supported by yourself, by your spirit team, by those in the physical realm? Tune into your personal power now. Imagine yourself on a stallion of incredible power, rearing up with passion and pride, you strongly seated in the saddle. This is what can be if you only trust yourself and your vision. This can be: your heaven on earth.

I was then shown a tug boat, indicating the energies of this month will pull you along if needed. We’re all moving in the flowing waters of the current and resistance just wastes energy, I was told. Let it flow, let it be. You are unleashing a great force into the world. Smile and breathe – it is meant to be now. Trust, and breathe. Saddle up! We’re riding.