Psychic Reading June 2017

The initial feeling was a deep sense of relaxing and relief (after the purging energy of last month!).

This month is a time of communication, especially of your spiritual essence. The throat chakra appeared violet, representing this. I saw a lock clicking open deep within the chakra. It feels like you have unlocked a part of you that needs to be expressed.

There was a strong feeling of something needing to be “brushed off” around the head and throat – this is related to your thoughts, spiritual connection, realisations and growth. There was a prickly, itchy feeling like there is already healing taking place. However, I received the message that you need to do more: keep "brushing" consistently, continue clearing and cleaning. I heard that there is something energetic that you “no longer need to be a part of”. This is "a clearing" in your personal life, related to this current lifetime, and it's vital to your growth long term. Know that you have the support of spirit to clear whatever this is. I was told that physical movement will assist, as will scalp massage. Be gentle with yourself.

I was shown a stick of butter (a bit odd, but spirit's messages are often creative!), representing the completeness of some growth, the product of work largely being done in your dreams - even if you have not been consciously aware of it happening.

There was a feeling of dropping down into and softening down into the heart space. The left hand side of the heart was violet - this is spiritual learning related to receptivity and the feminine aspects of self. At the right hand side of the heart a squid appeared. Squid assists us to embrace the unknown and to explore aspects of ourselves and life that we previously considered frightening or beyond our realm of understanding. When we explore life with integrity and truth, we have nothing to fear. Squid quietens the heart and instills a sense of calm. He breaks through limiting beliefs and helps us drop "I can't" from our vocabulary. He protects us as we explore new realms.

There was a sense of resistance in throat, and a black swan appeared. Black swan assists us to love ourselves unconditionally and to radiate the inner beauty that is yearning to be heard. She will assist with the resistance there is around doing this. Remember squid’s message that there is actually nothing to fear.

Black swan awakens the grace that lies dormant and allows you to access spirit's gifts of self-empowerment, so that you can believe in yourself on all levels. She nurtures our inner beauty and encourages us to emerge. When you do so, the world will respond by showering you with reward.

The strongest animal appearance in the reading was that of the ape (a gorilla). Ape relates to our essence, with the message that you have the potential to overcome the greatest obstacles with gentleness, unconditional love, faith and commitment. You are being primed for a period of personal refection. Look closely at your life and consider how you could honour yourself more – where could you be gentler with yourself and uphold your own self-worth more? To avoid falling victim to the wants and needs of others, ape encourages us to contemplate the things that would offer us freedom and joy. Ape asks you to be honest and show gentleness and loyalty to yourself, instead of burning yourself out physically and emotionally due to expectation.

A panda bear also appeared. Panda's energy teaches us about the importance of personal territory. Everyone needs a haven – a place and space that’s safe and comfortable. The key to keeping that haven is maintaining our spiritual, physical and emotional balance holistically. Eastern cultures regard panda as a symbol of peace and good fortune. When she appears, you may find your whole outlook on life becoming brighter. The panda spirit works on the heart chakra so that you can love more fully, including loving yourself.