Psychic Reading May 2017

There was an overwhelming sense of restlessness as I began to send the Reiki to you. My hands didn’t want to stay in one spot as they usually would.  I got a sense of water, of an ebb and flow and a lot of movement. It felt as if there is a lot of movement of stored emotions, shifting in your energetic body this month (whether you are aware of it or not).

"Play is important", I was told.

I was shown that self-care is also important for you at this time.

There was a tightness across the upper back, a feeling like something is a burden for you at the moment.

A dove appeared with a message of stability. Dove settles the heart, re-establishes clarity and shifts fear. I felt that she is here to reveal light in your life, illuminating where you’re at right now. She symbolises self-love and replenishment – an additional reminder that self-care is important for you this month. Please make some time to look after yourself.

I was shown some hen’s eggs, and told they symbolised new beginnings. It’s as if there is something waiting to birthed within you, but there needs to be some release in order for that to happen. What in your life is longer serving you? Is there anything you need to let go of, in order to welcome in the new? The more you can relax and release, the more you will receive, I was told.

In the lower back, I saw old emotional wounds that had Bandaids (sticky plasters) on them. I’m being told that issues that were never fully healed are being pulled to the surface for you this month. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to really release them so you can move forward – you are definitely ready, I was told.

I was sensing theses issues further out in your energy field, rather than within the chakras where I would generally perceive them. I understand this to mean that these issues have already begun to shift out. Their appearance in parts of your physical body indicates to me that they are quite old wounds… this is stuff you’ve been carrying for a long time, perhaps not exclusively from this lifetime. You are ready to release it!

I was shown a broom stick, with the message that it is available for you to sweep out any old emotions of the past.

I also sensed it’s association with the witch stereotype means now is the perfect time for "spell casting" (those were the words I received) – which doesn’t need to be as woo woo as it sounds. Simply state what you want to receive, and trust you will receive it.  If you want to incorporate a little more ritual into it, you can write what it is you’re ready to let go of onto a piece of paper, and then release it into a running body of water or burn it (safely). The appearance of the elements of water and fire in other parts of the reading indicate these are especially potent ways for you to release old junk this month.
At the feet, I was shown an image of feet sitting in buckets of fuel, on fire. The fires were bright and strong but not spreading anywhere. They were controlled, in "self-imposed" containers, I heard. Fire can symbolise our passions, so I urge you to examine if you are living in alignment with your true passions and desires. Where in your life are you holding yourself back, limiting your own expression, playing ‘small’ and trying to control things?

I then saw a koala, but not just any koala – it was specifically Blinky Bill. He was singing a song:

“I’m Blinky Bill,
My whole life’s a thrill,
I do exactly what I want,
I’m Blinky Bill!”

Listen to his words and take his ethos on board this month, I was told to tell you. Are you truly doing what you want in your life, each and every day? Are you feeling bound (burdened, like I sensed earlier) by daily responsibilities? Remember that the first message I received for you is that play is important, and cartoon Blinky is here to reinforce that to you (and perhaps make you laugh a little… Sometimes spirit has a great sense of humour!).

I was shown that the moon is important to your base chakra at the moment – to your grounding and sense of self in this lifetime.  As I typed up these notes, an additional message came through for you. I was told that the recent full moon may have activated something within you ("in your DNA", I heard) that has been dormant for some time. “This is the beginning of an exciting new future paradigm, a new way of living and being for you”, I was told. “This is not something to fear or worry about, it is only good and you deserve it.” It’s as if you have been cleaning house for so long  (perhaps on a soul level, without your awareness) and now you’re ready to reap the rewards.

I was also shown a canoe, indicating you do have the ability to manage this (to ‘paddle your own canoe’).

There was some tightness at the throat chakra. “What are you not saying and who are you not saying it to?” I was prompted to ask you. This  expression is an important part of your healing. Be aware that it is possible to express ourselves truthfully and authentically, still having sensitivity to other’s feelings. 

I was then shown a ship – another water and journeying symbol. “Lost lands” was the phrase I heard. It feels as if this month is going to be such a return home for you – as if parts of yourself that have been buried, lost, destroyed, are going to come together in an exciting way.

At the solar plexus, I saw a teddy bear, another reference to childhood play and fun.

In the sacral chakra, I was shown a mermaid (another water association!), who appeared to reassure you of your ability to connect the rational with the emotional, which will allow you to be at peace. She was actually blue, the colour of the throat chakra, highlighting the need for you to speak your truth in order to feel more peace. This message is likely related to the old emotional stuff coming up (as we do tend to hold emotions in our sacral chakra), yet it doesn't mean that you necessarily need to speak about the emotional pain with the person involved in it. Simply speaking what we’re feeling out loud, to no one, can shift the energy out and assist us to move on.

Finally, I was shown a beautiful red rose, representing love. There was a red ribbon wrapped around your heart, and that ribbon was connected to the throat chakra, as if there is a bit of a pull for you to speak from the heart or to speak out about matters related to love.