Psychic Reading May 2018

Immediately there was a nice pressure in third eye – the feeling of an awakening and a clarification.

I felt warmth in the heart chakra, and donkey appeared. Donkey assists us to create an abundant life. He is here to encourage you to tune in to your heart and listen to your own judgement, rather than be manipulated by others.

There was a very strong sense of ‘round and round and round’ – and I heard those words. This didn’t necessarily feel like a ‘bad’ thing, but it is time for you to break a cycle. I was shown strawberries, a ‘fruit in season’, with a message for you to focus on the now and let the past leave you.

I was guided to move my hand ‘round and round’ the heart chakra for quite awhile. I felt a clearing in throat as I was doing this - related to some heartbreak: the heartbreak of failure, the loss of an adventure or dream, a pet…

As I continued clearing the heart chakra, the sacral chakra cleared too. There was a sense of sleepiness, a feeling of being relaxed and safe. There was a message for you to bring a sense of childhood love into your present, and for you to nurture your inner self TODAY.

The right elbow was pink (glowing with healing energy and love) and a whale appeared. Whale is a channel of messages from Mother Earth. She asks us to reconnect: with the earth, with nature, with our true selves. The more love we can give to ourselves, the more love we can express to others, including this beautiful planet we call home. Whale is trying to wake us up, and she appears at the elbow to indicate there is work to be done: we must roll up our sleeves and put some ‘elbow grease’ into the ideas we have for a better world, especially those that can heal the planet in any way.

Alligator appeared after whale, with a message of preparation. He reminds you that periods of inactivity and dormancy are also okay. These periods enable you to rest and prepare for the best course of action. He reminds you to have faith and be patient and considered, and allow stillness when your body and mind need it.

There was yellow light at the fingertips and palms, a sign of your personal power being enabled through your hands and action taking.

I was then shown a smoking cigarette at the throat. I asked Spirit what the message of it was, and heard that it was related to consideration and rumination; a reiteration of alligator’s message.

I heard a doorbell ringing, a symbol of an arrival of something important for you – this could be an event or a person.

There was tension in right shoulder, which felt like a sign of pushing and stressing. Where in your life could you ‘let go’ and soften a little? Are you making time for stress relief activities?

At the base chakra, there was a strong sense of feminine energy. It felt like an energetic connection from the womb down to the land- an earthing, a return to the earth, a softening into what is. We are safe and supported by Mother Earth; and must honour her as she honours us.

Finally, beautiful pink angel wings appeared from the shoulder blades. There was a sense of loving strength and power. You can do great things in this world with love, was the final message.