Psychic Reading June 2018

As soon as I began channelling the Reiki to the crown chakra, ostrich popped his head up. Ostrich promotes grounding and a practical, earthy approach to matters. He encourages you to take responsibility for the path you are currently walking.

I was shown a building, it's structure crumbling. This felt linked to the crumbling of a certain way of thinking and being - a way of being that is no longer 'valid' for you. There is a 'new wave' of vibrant ideas and actions flooding in. Allow them to move through you. 

I was then shown an elderly woman kitesurfing (Spirit uses strange and intriguing symbolism sometimes!). The message was, 'achieve the impossible.' Don't be weighted down, nor give weight to, the expectations and ideals of others. Ostrich reiterates this message, asking you to stand firmly by your own convictions, be clear on what you deem to be sacred, and 'walk your own talk' with pride. 

Ride out any 'waves' you encounter. These bumps are training for something much greater, I was told; and all those bumps will seem so small in a few months time when you look back. 

At the third eye chakra, cat appeared. Cats are one of my favourite animals (though I have SO many favourites). They're agile, adaptable, quick on their feet... Harness this agility now, was cat's message. Adapt to changes by utilising your personal strengths. 

I was then shown Pinocchio (the wooden puppet from the children's tale), his nose growing in length. This symbolism was linked to both the crown and third eye chakras. There is an opening of both chakras for you, giving you foresight as well as the ability to discern if someone is being truthful.

There was a sense of tension in the teeth (specifically the teeth, not the surrounding muscles). This may be stress related to 'biting off more than you can chew', or just a message for you to unwind and 'destress' more regularly. 

A pig appeared at the throat chakra. He symbolises the beginning or an end of a cycle. His message and energy extended from the throat down in to the top of the heart chakra. There was a clearing of energy at the throat, and a message to 'give yourself a pat on the back', which made pig's presence feel more related to the end of a cycle than a beginning. 

Porcupine then appeared, followed by penguin. Porcupine asks us to watch our language; so be aware that you are speaking your reality into existence with every word you utter. Speak gentle, considered and compassionate words to others, and most importantly, to yourself. Penguin guides your intuition, and supports you speaking your Higher visions into being. 

The heart chakra glowed with a yellow light, and there was a sense of something having been 'kind of tough' for you recently. The word I heard was 'digging', like there has been some effort required lately. I was given this exercise for you to do:

Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. See yourself completely surrounded by a haze of gorgeous yellow light. Stretch out your arms, physically or just in your mind's eye. Sense the light that surrounds your hands... What does the light feel like on your fingertips? Become aware of the light surrounding your face. What does the light taste like? Continue breathing deeply, inhaling the yellow light into your lungs.

I was told this exercise will clear past life trauma that has been stirred up for you recently. 

Like last month, I saw beautiful angel wings extending from your shoulder blades. You really can - and already are doing - so much good in this world.

My attention was drawn to the liver, the organ responsible for processing, filtering and detoxifying. The Reiki was clearing some congestion and stagnation there. This may be physical, related to consumption of processed foods with no life force energy, alcohol and medications - in which case consider honouring your body with different choices. It may be mental, related to 'clutter' in the mind. It may be emotional, and the message I received was for you to be careful who you spend time with and where you invest your energy. Navigate difficult emotions by asking for help from Source/Spirit/God. Call in that spiritual support when you need it. The suggestion to ask for support triggered some tension in the right shoulder, as if you have a belief that you should 'shoulder it all' yourself. This simply isn't true. 

At the sacral chakra, there was a sense of feminine wounding, and I saw a bandage across the chakra. I was guided to move my hand around in a circle for quite some time to clear this, and I had been guided to do the same at the throat chakra earlier. The sacral wounding gave me a sense of you being 'choked' at the throat, your words and true expression stifled. Ladybug appeared, a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Releasing any old hurts you are carrying in this area will allow a fresh flow of abundance into your world, so take a deep breath now and set the intention to forgive anyone who has hurt you. 

Ostrich appeared again, asking you to ground this forgiveness into the real world. This simply means being aware of where your thoughts are running off to, and remaining focused on the present rather than drifting off to past painful experiences and dwelling on what others may have done. 

Bear - one of my many animal guides, and another of my favourite animals - appeared at the base chakra. Today he asks you to humbly go about your day to day life expecting miracles. Penguin returned with a further strengthening of your intuition and ability to see that 'miracles' can actually become your norm. I was shown a scene of a park in autumn. This symbolises maturity, and acceptance of change. I then heard the lyrics of a song:

"Take me away
Million miles away from here
Take me away
Find the place for you and me
You're taking me higher
High as I could be
You take me away
Forever you and me
Take me away."

These lyrics are an interesting message to receive at the base, the chakra associated with grounding; especially as the initial message of the reading from ostrich was about grounding too. The song suggests movement and change, and the message seems to be one of integration and balance, a sign your energy field has received an even 'push' and 'pull' of energy in both directions (from the earth up to the heavens through your chakras, and the opposite direction from the heavens through you down into the earth). It could also be related to a holiday!