Psychic Reading September 2018

As soon as I connected with the group’s energy, I was shown a shark, garden gnome and rat.

Shark appeared to extend from around the heart through the upper chakras. Shark symbolises authority. People fear shark because they consider him to attack and kill without mercy (though this isn’t true), but also because subconsciously they feel uncomfortable with authority. Those abused, neglected or oppressed at the hands of people in their lives will feel vulnerable around shark’s energy. If this is the case for you, it feels like much is shifting and healing for you this month.

The garden gnome - a symbol of good luck and protection – was at your third eye, and rat at the throat. Rat symbolises restlessness, and it feels as though there is a surge of pent up energy coming to the surface to be healed for you this month. This doesn’t need to be dramatic or drastic, but it is a shifting and a clearing of long held fears and resentments, possibly things you have been trying to shift for some time. Gnome is offering you his cheeriness, support, luck and protection as you undergo this shift.

As I channelled to your crown chakra, I was shown a scene in a supermarket. A trolley was being filled (somewhat randomly), and a child was requesting to buy additional items. ‘Take stock of your blessings. Gratitude is key. There is plenty of abundance coming, and still more beyond that available to you – all you have to do is ask.’ I heard. There is a strong message to ask for what you want, and know you will receive it. Giving thanks for all the blessings you already have will assist this process of manifestation for you.

Giant panda appeared at the third eye chakra. He is a symbol of gentle strength. Under his cute, soft and fuzzy appearance, panda tells us of the importance of strong personal boundaries in order to feel safe and grounded in life. Appearing at the third eye, his message is also one of seeing what can be possible for you in terms of owing your personal power, abilities and strengths.

I heard these words, from Alice in Wonderland: “You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”.

Lay down firm, loving boundaries now. What are you no longer willing to tolerate? What are your new non-negotiables? Call on the energy of giant panda to support you to lovingly enforce these much-needed boundaries this month (and beyond).

I was shown a gold, ornate piece of jewellery around your neck, with an opal on it. In traditional Roma folklore, opals were symbols of deceit.  The images felt related to some restriction around ‘saving face’, keeping up appearances, and things not said.

At the Heart chakra, there was an ‘opening up into expansion’, and I was shown an autumn/fall scene. Autumn symbolises a maturation, and there was a sense of growth and healing of issues at the heart.

Self-doubt and lack of self-trust have come up over and over again in my free readings via Facebook Live and with my 1:1 clients recently… and the issues came up again in today’s healing and reading. I felt a cold chill across my shoulder blades at back, and heard many voices of self-doubt, telling me I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t good enough, I don’t know how… The Reiki was helping to shake that energy off.

Camel appeared at right hand side torso (there was a lot of energy here) and the solar plexus. Camel is perfectly equipped for ‘harsh’, arid conditions, and provides strength to inspire you to step out on a quest for purpose and self-worth. He reminds you that you have all you need within you. The additional message he brings here is that you did what you needed to do (created energetic conditions, mental and emotional patterns, various behaviours) to survive in your past. Now that time is over. You are a different person now; you are safe and you are loved. Let the light and love of Spirit replenish and heal you. This month you will definitely emerge stronger and more resilient. (A reminder of the message of boundaries that came up earlier, hint hint!).

I was shown the image of a windmill at the sacral chakra, the centre of your creativity. A traditional means of harnessing the energy of the natural environment, this symbol relates to the way in which you are using your natural talents or resources – especially those related to creativity and ‘free thinking’.

There was a sense of fear at the base chakra, and I heard the words, “I’m scared”. The energy was quite scattered, and I heard the words ‘topsy turvy’ and was shown a merry-go-round. Much is shifting at the base this month, and there may be times that you feel you don’t have much support. This, of course, is an illusion. You have the support of the entire Universe, of all that is and ever will be. Source is on your side.

It feels as though residual fears, largely from childhood, will be shifting from the base chakra. Though at times it might feel turbulent, I am assured you will ‘emerge feeling like new’ and looking back, you will wonder what you were ever even scared of.

Overall, there was a lot of yellow light in the aura, a sign of solar plexus healing. The strong theme this month is the release of long-held fears and an increase in self-confidence, woot!