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You're tired of your past haunting you. You want to heal your wounds.

You want to finally end all your self-sabotage, procrastination and resistance.

You’re sick of the confusion and lack of direction.

You want to live your own, unique version of life, and be truly happy and free.

You’re ready to transform your reality. 

GENTLE SOUL, you're in the right place.

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You are truly a miracle.

You are unlike any other person on this earth. Your very existence is sacred. You matter. Your dreams and desires matter.  And this is your life. If you don’t live it to the fullest, then the world has lost something truly irreplaceable. 

It’s time to commit to your vision.

It’s time to say yes to you.

It’s time to become your highest priority.

Stop playing small, doubting your innate worth, dimming your Divine light, neglecting your passion, desires and creativity... It’s time to shine, sister! To rekindle your soul fire. To reawaken your self love. To surrender to being your truest, fullest self. To embrace your immense potential in this life. To boldly reveal your full brilliance to the world. We desperately need your unique light. The time is NOW.

The entire Universe stands ready to empower and guide you on your journey. Will you rise up and take the next step? Are you willing to dive headfirst into deep inner transformation, personal growth, profound shifts?

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∆   Healing and clearing at an energetic (soul) level

An electromagnetic field (aura) emanates from all matter that exists. A tree has an aura, a book has an aura, you have an aura. In the above scenarios, you are unconsciously sensing and connecting with other’s auras.  This field of energy exists outside the range of our normal vision, but can be perceived by those of us who have psychic abilities.

Chakras are energy centres within your aura. Your energy field has 7 main chakras, and each of these chakras looks after certain areas of your life (such as finances, health, career, self-confidence, creativity, relationships…). They take in universal life force energy, which is vital for healthy functioning of your energy body. You may have heard universal energy referred to as Qi (Chinese tradition), Prana (Indian tradition) or Reiki (Japanese tradition).

If a chakra isn’t functioning properly, your life will be affected. When chakras are out of balance, blocked or depleted, eventually dis-ease and disharmony manifests in your external, physical reality. 

Every problem you experience in your external life began as an internal, energetic issue.

The state of your energy field literally creates your reality. Healing your energy field will change your life.


I use energetic healing modalities such as these, to support your transformation on an energetic level:


Crystal Therapy

Psychic Reading


Past Life Healing

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∆   Healing at the mental and emotional levels

We pick up thoughts about ourselves from the world around us. We've been doing so since birth. Repetitive thoughts become beliefs, which generate behaviours and therefore certain results in our lives.

Unfortunately, most of the beliefs we've picked up about ourselves aren't positive ones... Our human brains are wired to focus on the negative, and that's what we subconsciously do. 

The real reason your life doesn't look exactly the way you want it, is because your subconscious beliefs are at odds with what you claim to want. You can't create true, lasting change in your life, without addressing your underlying limiting beliefs.

I use tools such as these, to support your transformation on a mental and emotional level:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)




Life Coaching

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let’s peel away the layers of fear and limitation, self-doubt and anxiety. Let’s bring forth your life’s deepest purpose. I am here to travel with you, on a journey through the past and present to a brighter, joy-filled future. A profound unlearning, a remembering, a return home to the infinite wisdom of your soul self.

Allow me to use my intuition, empathy, healing powers and sacred knowledge to lovingly assist you to heal your past, transform your present and elevate your future.

May we enjoy this SACRED journey together.


With love, Melinda   xx