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As soon as I began channelling, I was shown a bright blue light at the back of the head, and told the focus for you this month is communication. It’s a time of deep psychic insight for you, so trust in what you intuitively know, feel, hear, but especially what you see (so be aware of images you see in your dreams or during meditation).

I was shown a teddy bear at the heart, indicating a need for some inner child healing. It feels as though the bulk of this healing has been done, but now is a time of deepening that connection (communication!) with the little girl inside of you, focusing on meeting her needs… and therefore as an extension, meeting your own needs as an adult. Take some time to connect with your inner child in meditation or while sitting quietly. Ask her how she is feeling. What does she need from you right now? Support her with ongoing communication. Reassure her that you love and accept her, and that you’re here for her.

This month, heart felt communication with yourself and with others, in all aspects of life (family, relationships, career) is important. The month’s journal prompts will be useful in exploring where you’re at in relation to this, and where you could make changes.

There was a green light at the heart chakra, with a message that you have just entered the ‘next phase of your growth and evolution’. ‘Do not be afraid of this’, was the message, ‘it is divinely ordained and moments of discomfort are sometimes necessary as Spirit gently pushes you to grow’. Work through your self-sabotaging thoughts; be aware of your inner dialogue with yourself and choose to be kind and compassionate with yourself at all times.

I was then shown water being poured from a jug. The water was fresh, crystal clear, vibrating with life energy. It is a symbol of emotion and communication, and the energy and fluid movement of the image indicate that allowing communication and connection as already mentioned is really organic and right for you at this time.

I felt some energetic tension around the upper arms and shoulders. This appears when someone is carrying some sort of burden, so consider: What is not yours to carry? What is? A focus on self-responsibility this month will be helpful - that is, taking responsibility for the environments you put yourself in and what you allow into your life. Know that not everyone and everything deserves access to you and your energy. Boundaries based on loving communication of what it is that you truly want and need are vital for your health, happiness and expansion.

There was some energy around both knees - again, related to burden and to responsibility (I see energy here when someone has the metaphorical weight of responsibilities on their shoulders). Often we consider ‘responsibility’ to have negative connotations, relating to something that we must do, without choice… but I am told that responsibility can bring you the freedom you desire, if viewed in the right way. A suggested affirmation was, ‘I am responsible for my own happiness, health and healing’, as this reframes responsibility as an empowering concept rather than a draining one.

At the feet there was a good sense of groundedness - I was shown both feet firmly on the ground, and a strong steadfastness in your gaze. Embrace and work with the energies of this period and you can make great strides in your growth and facilitate beautiful change in your world. Don’t doubt yourself. Trust it. Take any inspired action that you need to, the universe has your back.

There was some energy gathered around the elbows, and this relates to the idea of ‘elbow grease’ and ingrained beliefs about having to work hard... There was a reminder that your worth is never tied to how much you do or what you achieve. This felt especially important for you to hear. Your worth is inherent. Affirm to yourself now, ‘I am worthy because I exist’. If it resonates, you can affirm ‘I work less but earn more’. I was shown energy around this wrists connected to this, which indicates it is subconscious thinking that runs back to your childhood. The energy was orange, which relates specially to family (especially issues of mothering) . Know that you have the chance to unlearn and re-educate (mother) yourself around this thinking and related beliefs. You can do this by working with your inner child and communicating with her. I was shown that suggesting affirmations to her, when she feels comfortable and safe enough with you to have that sort of dialogue, and having her say them along with adult you, will really assist.

There was some energetic congestion at front of the throat, and a message of the importance of a ‘return to your centre’, tuning into what you really want. An open, honest dialogue with yourself about where you’ve been settling for less than you deserve is vital. Then make the changes that you need to. The time is now.

I could feel some movement in the solar plexus in response to that message above - and Spirit suggested a meditation for you, that I will either run live and/or record for you this month.

I was shown the third eye chakra opening and expanding toward the end of the Reiki session - this is your natural intuition coming into play. Again, a reminder to trust what you see and hear. I was told that a journalling practice is important for you (and if you resist this, honest communication and consideration with yourself about why is necessary).


Journal Prompts


Spend some time ‘free writing’ (allowing an unedited stream of consciousness from your mind onto the page) and be open to whatever comes up for you. Feel free to just answer the questions that stand out for you, or all of them.

∆ Where in my life am I not speaking up? Why?

∆ What could I express more honestly and truthfully?

∆ Where am I holding back my truth?

∆ What do I feel afraid to express, show or expose?

∆ How can I bring more of the real me into my life?

∆ Where am I not being honest with myself?

∆ Where/how am I holding back showing my true self, gifts, talents and abilities?




This card urges you to go within and tune into your heart. You may be being called to develop a more regular spiritual practice: meditation, chanting, journalling, or whatever feels good to you.

Know that all of the answers to every question you have are waiting for you in your heart. But you cannot hear these answers unless you make time to listen, every day. Your soul is asking for a deeper, more intimate relationship with you this week, so the more time you spend with it, the more clarity and guidance you will be able to receive.

We are all here on this earth to grow as souls. The planet is a playground in which we can learn. You are being called to focus more on your soul growth, or to increase your devotion by being a student of a spiritual teacher or lineage (so having joined Rise! Self Love Club this month was perfectly aligned for you).

If you have already been a committed student and been devoted to supportive spiritual practices, your guides want you to know that they are very proud of you. They say that the time you spend in devotion is so valuable, it's priceless.

If you happen to be questioning your career or life path, this card has an additional message from your guides about the need to focus inward with devotion and prayer. Remember: all the answers you seek are within you.

The practical action suggested by this card: Commit to a daily devotional practice. You are worth it.


Your guidance is divinely ordained and guided. You are being called to answer the call of your soul... It might not make sense to your rational mind, and it will likely feel a bit scary. But if you trust your soul's yearnings - the truest desires of your own heart - you will connect with and live a life beyond what your mind can imagine is possible.

Answering your soul's calling is a lifelong process and journey, rather than a once-off act. Deep down, you already know what you long for and desire. As suggested by the first card this week, Inner Temple, tuning in to your internal wisdom is vital in order to make choices and decisions that 'answer the call' of your own soul.

Whatever you feel called to do, that is your calling. There's no need to overthink it. You don't need to wait for permission. You just need to say YES. We tend to wait for a step-by-step plan or complete illumination of our path before we feel brave enough to take the first step needed. And this is why most people don't follow their heart and dreams. This card indicates, however, that you are not most people.

What's necessary is that we act in faith and with courage, even if we can't see the finish line or the direction of our path clearly.

This card reassures you that you are in exactly the right place to answer your calling now! You do not need a full plan. You don't need to know where things are leading. You just need to take the next step.

In my experience, we tend to resist what is most aligned and right for us. The more resistance you have around answering your soul's calling and taking a particular action, and the more scary and overwhelming it feels... the more important it likely is to your soul's growth and to your path. Change and growth is (unfortunately!) often uncomfortable (I wish it was always easy!).

Ask yourself now: what is my soul calling me to do? What am I resisting, and why?




This card indicates that you are headed somewhere sacred right now, and as a result may be being tested and initiated. 
 An initiation is the act of beginning something, or the action of admitting someone into a new group or way of being. Initiations require us to cross the threshold between one world or state of being into the next. In order to do so, you may be called to face what scares you and you must be willing to let go and lose old, outdated parts of yourself and ways of doing things, in order to gain access to a new way of being, with increased safety, security, depth and meaning for you.

Like rites of passage, initiations mark the shift from one era to the next. They can take place through emotional turmoil, difficulties and challenges, loss, grief and devastation. It is through seeming hardship that your heart can be lovingly cracked open and your spirit becomes invested in moving forward. You are here to take a sacred voyage into more of who you truly are, and who you came to this earth to be. It can be painful, scary and overwhelming, but once you begin the journey, you are able to be more yourself than ever and will be able to live with renewed and increased light, love, optimism and joy.

If you are in the midst of an initiation and change right now, know that you will get through it and someday soon, you will praise the things that broke you down and challenged you. You are going somewhere special, somewhere sacred, pre-ordained for you on your life path in this incarnation. It will all be worth it. And you are closer than you think.

There is a reminder to stay focused on your breath, to support yourself to stay centred and connected inner you, even in the midst of any transition, change, turmoil, fear, stress or doubt. Take a moment now to inhale fully, and slowly exhale. I find it useful to imagine I am breathing in through my bottom... doing so really helps deepen the way we breathe! (A singer gave me that tip many years ago).



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Polar bear appeared as I opened the session, and I was guided to put my hand on my heart. Considered the ‘Spirit of the North’, polar bear is an animal of ancient power. He is a keeper of wisdom and guardian of the Spirit World. His appearance offers you deep and meaningful insight into the world of Spirit, and your own inner world. He encourages you to reassess your beliefs, values, and personal commitments to your purpose and impact here on this Earth. He supports you to heal by teaching you to trust your emotions and express your feelings, instead of biting your tongue or shrinking back.

He asks you to remember your place in the greater scheme of things, and hopes to ignite in you the desire to undertake a deepening spiritual quest that will see your life regain its integrity, wholesomeness and increase clarity… A journey that will see your gifts of power emerge, your connection to Spirit increase, and your purpose become realised. Put your own hand on your heart now, and breathe into that space. Focus on what you feel. Allow yourself to feel that. Honour the wisdom within your own heart; your internal guidance and connection and power.

At the third eye, there was a message of ‘shrewd perception’. It was as if looking out from within your third eye chakra, to a gorgeous scene of crisp, fresh, cool air, with emerald greens and vibrant blues, and a sense of snowy mountains and the ocean, of clarity, of inspiration and clear vision. This month is a time of sharp, astute powers of judgement and perception for you. Trust any insights or flashes of inspiration you receive. Your intuition is guiding you well.

There was yellow energy around both elbows, indicative of limiting beliefs related to ‘having to work hard’, constantly be ‘doing’ or ‘achieving’ in order to prove our worth or earn the approval or love of others. Please know that your worth is not related to how much you do or what you achieve. Your worth is inherent. You are worthy simply because you exist. It is safe for you to relax and just ‘be’. You are already enough, just as you are.

A woodpecker appeared at the crown and third eye chakras. The rhythm of woodpecker’s drum-like pulsing into trees is said to echo the pulse of Mother Earth’s heart. The rhythm is able to guide you to other dimensions, to new opportunities, and to heightened awareness (and this increased third eye awareness was already touched upon earlier in the reading). When woodpecker appears, he offers clarity and expanded awareness (eliminating ‘tunnel vision’). He reminds you to tap into your own inherent rhythms and to intuitively listen to what your body may be trying to tell you. He supports you to return to your centre, and to retrieve your sense of identity and personal truth - and this message, with the heartbeat-like rhythm of the woodpecker, reiterates the earlier message about the importance of tuning in to your own heart.

There was some congestion around top of heart chakra/bottom of throat. Focus on heartfelt communication during the next few weeks. Consider where you are holding yourself back from speaking out, and why? Know that it is possible to express yourself openly, freely and authentically without hurting other people’s feelings; and doing so will support clearing and opening up of your own throat and heart.

I felt an overall sense of ‘deep rebalancing’ within your energy field, so if you have been feeling ‘off kilter’ lately, that may be why. Your ears were being highlighted to me, and I was shown your hair being pushed back behind them, opening up hearing and more clarity. Spirit will be guiding you through your psychic hearing this month, so pay attention to any loving, guiding thoughts you notice when you are still, quiet and relaxed. This is how Spirit communicates with you aurally.

There was some energy at front of wrists, indicating it is the energy of stuff shifting out. When I am shown energy in this area, it tends to relate to experiences in someone’s childhood. Continue examining thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviours, friendships, other relationships, situations, experiences… and whether they serve you or not. It’s a time for releasing and tossing out all that which isn’t supporting you. It’s also a great time for decluttering your physical space, as I was shown increased clarity at the third eye stemming from this physical ‘letting go’.

At the heart, I was shown a doll and a child skipping – images of childhood. Again, the message was about clearing out the old. The specific message was to consider your schooling years. Is there anyone who hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, whom you could forgive now? Students, teachers, other staff? Forgiveness never condones another’s poor behaviour; it is an act of self-love that sets you free of the energetic weight of the past. (However,  if your past experiences were traumatic and very challenging, please know that there is no pressure for you to forgive. Other focuses in your healing may be more appropriate right now. If forgiveness of others does not feel right for you at this time, self-forgiveness is a wonderful focus instead - as there tends to be some blame and shame of self in most experiences, even if you were not at all to blame).

There was an uneasiness/queasiness at the gut, with a message for you to ‘trust your gut’. If something doesn’t feel right to you this month, trust that. You know what is right for you. I was shown a connection between the gut and third eye, reiterating the importance of your ‘gut feelings’ being a means of your intuition communicating with you.

Stress-relief was recommended, as I felt a clenching at the teeth and tension in the jaw. Remember to breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling fully.

I was shown that the root/base chakra needs some healing this month too; so using affirmations to remind yourself that you are safe, you are supported, and your needs will always be met will be useful. Eating red foods will also support root chakra health... and I was asked by Spirit to be more specific about which types of foods, so someone needs to hear this: not red lollies/candy haha! Strawberries, cherries, beetroot, bell peppers/capsicum, nectarines...

Having your feet in mud (if you feel inclined to jump in some puddles barefoot) and your feet in salt water (either in the ocean, or in a footbath at home) will support grounding and root chakra health too.

Overall this is a month of visioning, of looking ahead, of discernment about what you need and what you want to take with you moving forward. If it doesn’t serve you or fit where you’re headed, let it go...




Being human is a courageous act. Our time here on earth is not only filled with triumphs and adventures, but also losses and tragedies.

The challenge is to keep your heart open when you most want to close it. To allow what needs to fall away to do so. This card encourages you to keep your heart soft and open, no matter what is happening around you, and despite any pain. It encourages you to release your grip and gently let go.

If you are going through a difficult time, this card asks you to see it as a blessing; to open yourself up to the truth that life is happening for you, not to you. One day in the not too distant future, you may bless the thing that cracked you open, because the world needs you that way.

Roses appear in many different religions as a symbol of miraculous love at work in the world. In ancient mythology, roses symbolised eternal love in stories of how gods interacted with each other and human beings. Pagans use roses as decorations to represent their hearts. Muslims view roses as symbols of the human soul, so smelling the scent of roses reminds them of their spirituality. Hindus and Buddhists see roses and other flowers as expressions of spiritual joy. Christians view roses as reminders of the Garden of Eden, a paradise in a world that reflected God's design.

Roses can symbolise God/Spirit at work in your life. The intricate and elegant rose offers a glimpse of a masterful creator's active presence in creation. As the rose blooms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with beautiful, intricate layers—an illustration of how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people's lives.

Now is a time to treat yourself with love and gentleness. Trust that Mother Earth has you cradled in her arms, wrapped in a blanket of love and support. You are safe and you are held, even if the seas are not always smooth sailing in life.

Everything is always happening in accordance with a higher design. Everything is going to be okay.




There is a magnificent shift happening, where anything inauthentic can no longer survive: jobs, relationships, social structures... anything misaligned is destined to tumble down. This happens in order to bring you, as an individual (and society as a whole) back home to who you truly are. So much of we are fixated on and preoccupied with doesn't really matter at the end of the day. We fill our lives with immense distraction in an effort to avoid and ignore who we truly, deeply are at our core: Divine beings of light, destined to walk a path of love and light and healing on this earth.

Have faith through any doubts, wavers and difficult times, as they are a part of the process of you being 'reborn'. 

The Universe is prompting you to surrender, to allow the falling away of what you no longer need. There's no need to try and hold it all together, clinging in desperation to what feels comfortable just because it is familiar and easy. It's okay to loosen your grip. Let the crumbling occur. Although releasing may feel difficult, the sooner you do the sooner you can move forward toward and welcome in what is destined for you.

Here are some journalling prompts for you this week:

What am I trying to hold together?
What am I doing my best to avoid?
How am I trying to pretend everything is okay?
What am I clinging to for fear of nothing coming to take its place?

Kali - the Hindu goddess of destruction, the protector, a force of nature, the destroyer of the ego - is with you now. She is regarded as the shakti (power) of god Shiva, so she has a strong, fierce feminine energy. Hand your fears over to her, as she is supporting and protecting you as you evolve now.

You do have what it takes to allow what is falling away to tumble and fall. Once the tower has crumbled, you will be able to rebuild on mighty foundations with a view that is so magnificent, it will take your breath away.




This card is a reminder to pause, take a break and catch your breath. To take a moment out from your schedule. To enjoy all that you have and all that you have created. To appreciate and acknowledge how far you've come. To admire all that you have achieved and experienced, before continuing to rush on to the next thing.

It's important to 'be in the moment' and enjoy where you are; to regather and restore your mind, body and spirit; to recalibrate and celebrate. This time out will give you space to reflect on what you really want to experience next. Rest assured you will not be missing out on anything if you take a moment - on the contrary, you will gain so much.

Perhaps you have been living in a state of rush, burning the candle at both ends, have just released an old way of being, manifested something significant in your life or completed a project. Now is the time to take some time out for you, and to be present rather than focused on the next project, goal, event or thing. Enjoy yourself and your life. Go on a holiday or mini-break, book a massage, take a long walk in nature, spend some extra time in meditation, or do whatever else you need to in order to replenish and recharge yourself.

I find that when we slow down, time seems to slow down too. Rather than missing out on anything or falling behind, we miraculously seem to have more time than ever. Taking time out is ironically the most efficient thing we can do for ourselves, our days and our lives, rather than being the 'waste of time' our minds sometimes tell us it is.

It might be useful to set reminders for yourself during your days (you can do so in the calendar on your phone, or using an app) prompting you to simply down tools, stop what you're doing, and take a full, deep, cleansing breath. Perhaps stretch any muscles that feel stiff and consciously relax any that have been clenched. Repeat a few affirmations/positive phrases to yourself (perhaps, 'I am grateful for where I am now' or something similar expressing appreciation and celebrating yourself). Then you can resume your day grounded, centred and refreshed.