Nobody tells you
it is okay to call yourself beautiful
it is okay to smile at mirrors
and it is perfectly fine
to say your own eyes are pretty

It is wonderful to love your waist
and your legs
regardless of their size
and you are not conceited
if you use your fingers to list
everything you’re good at
rather than point
at all your own flaws
— Unknown
It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed
— Louise Hay
You believed in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 minutes
— Unknown

- personal story - unemployed and listening to recordings when I slept (which was always after the sun came up, loving being a night owl)

Here's the great news: if we're so easily able to absorb negative statements about ourselves, we can also absorb positive, empowering ones!


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use present tense etc

try to tune into the feeling of the words - manifest quicker when you feel abundant, confident etc

You can write your own list of affirmstions, and read over them. 

Listen whenever you like - can be awake or asleep. If you are actively listening to the recording, repeat each affirmation after me, either out loud of silently in your head.


Use Your Language for Success As you become more and more tuned in to your inner dialogue, you will find that you’ll naturally become more mindful of the words you speak as well. The fact is that the words you choose to speak have incredible power. Your words are the bridge between your internal and external world, and what you speak, you will most often manifest! This is what makes verbally declaring affirmations and other personal mantras so powerful. Through the language you use, you either raise your vibration and attract positive people, resources and opportunities to you that will help you move closer towards your goals... or you lower your vibration and repel these things FROM you. For example, If you say “this is impossible” or “I’m all alone” out loud, chances are you will find that something is indeed impossible or that you are on your own. Instead, you can say “there’s a way” or “the help I need is on its way” and the Universe will rise up to offer you people and opportunities that match this vibration.

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Perhaps no one told you you're good ta things, you're talented - maybe they did but our brains are wired to focus on the negative - if there was a strong negative voice, we absorbed that as truth.

Putaside your shame, embarsassment, tall poppy fears, - youre not arrogant, selfabsorbed, gloating, showing off. 

Put this list somewhere that you will see it regularly. 


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