Alice: Which way should I go?
Cat: That depends on where you are going.
Alice: I don’t know,
Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion
— Franz Kafka

This module is all about getting really clear on what it is you want your life to be. Because if you don't know where you’re going, who knows where you’ll end up!

The Universe responds to clarity with clarity. The clearer you are in your communication, the more likely you will receive exactly what you want. Think of today's exercise like writing a Christmas Wish List to Santa. The jolly ol' man needs to know exactly what you want, so he can deliver it to you!

The act of visualisation is also based on neuroscience principles. Your incredible human brain contains about 86 billion neurons ('brain cells'), and is able to rewire it's neural networks, to change and grow and adapt (this is 'neuroplasticity'). By visualising what you want, you activate cells in your brain that reinforce that vision and outcome, instructing your unconscious mind.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, a journal, a scrapbook, anything you can write on. 

There are many ways you can feel into and visualise what your life would ideally be like. There are no wrong answers and no wrong ways to do this. 


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Find a quiet space alone and get really comfortable. Take a few deep breaths, and relax. Place your hand on your heart to bring your awareness there. After a couple of minutes of conscious breathing, ask yourself: "Who do I want to be? What do I want my life to look like? How do I want to feel?"

Think about your ideal, dream day... What would your day to day life ideally look like? Really tune in to as much detail of it as you can. What sort of activities are you doing? What are you wearing? How do you feel when you wake up? Throughout the day? As you go to bed? 

Consider each aspect of your life: home, health, wealth, love, career, leisure... and note down what comes up for you. For example, what does your ideal relationship look and feel like? Your dream career? Your desired financial situation? Your dream home? Your ultimate hobbies?

We all get so busy and caught up in our day-to-day lives that we ignore the voice of our soul, our internal compass and light. Making time to quieten your mind and listen to your soul means you receive heart-felt guidance that is authentic for you. You receive answers that are untainted by the world around you, by the rational mind, the expectations of others or cultural norms. The more often you tune into this part of yourself and understand what your being truly wants and needs, the more your life will flow and look the way you want it to.

Try to spend a few minutes each day imagining yourself achieving all of your goals, living your dream life. Create a detailed mental image of exactly how it will look and, most importantly, how it will FEEL to achieve your goal. Doing this regularly programs your subconscious mind to immediately begin looking for opportunities to achieve the goal... As a result, you’ll soon begin to notice people and resources appearing around you that will help you manifest what it is that you desire!


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a. Imagine you're chatting to future you, 12 months from now. Ask your future self: "In the past year, what's your proudest achievement? What made you feel most alive? What has changed in your life?" Listen to her answers and write them down.

b. Imagine you're chatting to 90 year old you, and ask similar questions of her. What wisdom and advice does she have for your current self?


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Sometimes it's easier for us to identify the things we don't want in our lives, rather than exactly what we do want. Write a letter to whatever you want to release from your life, thanking it for your time together but explaining that you want to break up and move on.

This process can bring you clarity and assist you to feel empowered. 

Need some inspo? Here's a collection of break up letters to debt, written by people who want to move forward and shift into financial abundance.


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The next step:

Share some of your vision, your dream, your goals in our loving Facebook group (click here to join if you haven't already). The group is a safe and supportive space in which we can connect, inspire and encourage each other.

Sharing something that has previously existed only within you is a powerful part of the manifesting process. Research has shown that those who share their goals are more likely to achieve them! Once something that only existed within you is out in the open as a real, visceral, concrete entity, you feel an increased sense of responsibility and commitment to honour it. So, get vocal, Sister! I can't wait to hear from you xx