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There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise
— Paola DeLucca

I am Woman.

Vulnerable yet powerful.

Soft but fierce.

Loving yet wild.

Receptive but strong.

A fire in my belly, creation stirring in my womb.

A truth in my words, illusion dying in my presence.

Divine Feminine embodied.

Divine Masculine embraced.

I am here to rise. I am here to serve.

Will you join me?


* I wrote the words above in an inspired moment last year. I don't consider myself a poet, but this spilled out on to the page exactly as it is, no editing required, within a few short minutes. May these words uplift and encourage you as you journey through this course.

Welcome, gorgeous!

Congratulations for investing in yourself and taking this step towards your dream life and everything you’ve ever wanted. Sadly, so many people sit around waiting, wishing, hoping for their lives to change without actually taking any responsibility or action... so you deserve to be acknowledged for your decision to embark on this journey.

I am honoured to guide you through releasing your self-doubt, self-sabotage, trauma, pain, perfectionism, judgement, resistance, shame, guilt, worry, fear... All that junk that is weighing you down and has you feeling 'stuck'.

This course offers you real life, practical tools and lessons; that use the principles of neuroscience, metaphysics, psychology, new age thought and ancient wisdom. It has the power to genuinely change your life.



I want to let you know upfront that there's no such thing as 'behind' in this course. I have horrible memories of teachers berating me for not doing my homework, and tutors failing me for assignments handed in far too late. None of that here, thanks very much.

This is a space free of judgement, pressure, shame and guilt.

No one will judge you for approaching this course in the way that best works for you. You might be the personality type to dive right in, bingeing on the lessons and completing all exercises in quick succession. Maybe you'll just dip your toe in here and there, skipping some exercises and trying others. Perhaps you'll spread the content out over a couple of months. All of this is fine. This is your personal journey, and there is no wrong way to approach it.



However, you will need to give the Core Exercise of each module a go.

These exercises are the bones of the course, each one building on the exercise before it.



Remember that you have lifetime access to the course content, so you can revisit it over and over again, uncovering new layers and reaching new levels of spiritual self-development each time.



Taking action to change your life can feel scary. As humans, we're creatures of habit, wired to fear change. Attempting to better your circumstances can mean you experience procrastination, avoidance and resistance. You may feel suddenly sleepy, or like you want to get up and walk away from the computer, look at the interior of the fridge, leave the exercises for 'another day', or even ignore all of the course completely.

I totally get it. I experience resistance all the time. When my big goal was to become a circus performer, I would enrol in numerous expensive training courses throughout the year... and attend at most one class - often none at all - for the entire term. On a couple of occasions I managed to fight through the resistance and travel all the way to the training school... only to freeze at the door, let fear overwhelm me, and return home without ever going inside. Seriously. This pattern has shown up again and again in different areas of my life, over many years. I know how powerful resistance can be.

The cool thing is that the tools you need to overcome that resistance, are all inside this course!

They're tools that I've personally used and found truly transformational.


Here's the thang, girlfriend:

Leaving shit for later often means that you’re unlikely to do it. You pile up enough 'tomorrows', and you'll find you're left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays and a heap of regret. 

Your time is NOW, and you are ready for this. Trust that you've been led here, now, for a reason.

If you do experience fear, resistance and procrastination around this course, just gently remind yourself that you're human. Your resistance behaviour is normal, but it’s not helping you move forward. So jump back into the course as soon as you can.

I'll be right here, cheering you on.


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