You are so spot on. You have an amazing gift. You truly are the best and I have high standards. I only work with the best.

I felt so good after the Reiki. I felt an energetic shift just like you said and it feels peaceful. I feel light! I look forward to my next session.

And the reading was amazing, thanks so much. You write so beautifully and it’s such in depth information. I love all of my readings and healings sooo soo much!
— Lavina Q.
I knew she could feel and see the pain of my past, and she understood. She acknowledged what I had been through in a way nobody else had ever done.

She saw.
She believed.
She acknowledged.
She had true empathy.
She held a safe space for me.

Even though she was on the other side of the world via video call I still felt safe, held and protected.
— Natasha L.
Thank you. I’m a blubbering mess but in the happiest of ways.

Honestly, I had my doubts about how relatable this would be as I’ve never experienced anything like a group reading through email before. Usually I do my own readings using the oracle of Mahjong and I have complete faith in my bag of tiles and little red book but you’ve completely vanished any doubts that were floating around my brain.

You clearly have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing that with me and allowing me to receive the most precious knowledge/confirmation I could have ever hoped for. Reading those words, the way you wrote them, everything down to the punctuation but most of all the overwhelming feeling I felt as reading them was enough to dismiss any doubts I have. I am grateful beyond explanation. Thank you.
— Georgia C.
Before ‘Release & Rise: Transform Your Trauma’ I had struggles with low self worth, and I ignored areas of my life that I had to heal. Now I have noticed a shift in my energy. I am feeling more aligned and at home with who I am. I am becoming more confident showing my true self with others and really believing that I can have the life that I choose to create. I am feeling more connected to who I am. I am loving myself more and seeing that I am enough.

Working with Melinda helped me realise that every experience is an opportunity to reflect on whether what is happening is aligned with my truth or a result of what I have been conditioned to think/feel. That it is okay to take time to release negative emotions and experiences from the past.

Melinda is truly an authentic and relatable person. Her ability to share from an open heart creates a beautiful space for others to feel safe to be able to validate their experiences. The essence and energy of ‘Release & Rise’ was welcoming, safe and inspiring. I felt free from judgement and able to be supported to progress through the program at my own pace. I also found the e-support great, and the Facebook community was an awesome space to connect.

To anyone thinking about joining the course: It is your time to Rise! It is time to release what no longer serves you. ‘Release & Rise’ is the perfect space to be supported and encouraged to be your true self and live into the life you have always desired.
— Georgina S.
Melinda is amazing. She is able to work with Reiki energy, tell you exactly what’s going on in your chakras, give advice based on that and so much more. She is also a sweet, generous, spiritual person with a great sense of humour and you will fall in love with her laugh. I felt instant calm and relaxation, which is saying a lot for this nervous girl. So, go for it. You’ll be glad you did.
— Randi S.
Woke up at 5am for my Reiki healing session with Melinda Salzke-Spurr all the way over in Australia.

Wow it was powerful! I’ve had a really sore throat creeping up on me the last 2 days (not ideal when you provide talking therapy for a living!) she picked up on this and by the end of the session the sore throat was gone 😮😮

The bit that choked me up ‘most people who have been through what you’ve been through would be broken’ and my spirit animal of the horse came through again showing me the same things that would have broken others have given me power.

She was so accurate about my past too and residual pain that needed clearing. Very comforting messages from Spirit guides too. A very unique and incredible experience. Hugely recommended. 💕
— Natasha L.

Melinda is a very positive person and it is clear her psychic abilities clearly help to communicate the right messages at the right time.

Work stresses were particularly high just before I committed to ‘Release & Rise: Transform Your Trauma’, and became increasingly difficult throughout the course. Working with Melinda has definitely helped me stay grounded and focused whilst going through this extremely difficult situation. It has increased my energy levels and stress control. Thank you Melinda you are a very special person and a beautiful soul.

I would say to someone thinking about joining ‘Release & Rise’: Don’t hesitate!
— Phil H.
Wow, just wow. Receiving this message on my birthday is amazing and everything you said was so spot on I was in shock while reading it. I no lie had a dream last night of a bear beside my bead after falling asleep meditating on my throat chakra. This message brings me such comfort, I thank you and am not usually one to buy readings on the internet but I will definitely be getting one from you in future. You are the real deal girl!
Love love love
— Laura H.
Thank you so much for including me in this months healing. I cannot explain how spot on it was. I have been feeling very stuck and anxious and a lot of past stuff has been coming up. Quite heavy stuff that I am trying to move. The healing and reading was so helpful. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
— Sarah B.
I wanted to tell you that since the day of the healing I have been very happy, and feel like a weight has been lifted. And so many good things have been coming to me!
— Eve B.
Thank you so much for that reading, everything you got was 100% correct and a lot of those things have happened and been a theme in the last month! It’s amazing. Much love to you, thank you.
— Victoria O.
Thank you so much! I woke up this morning feeling very clear and I’m sure it’s your work. I also had a bit of a cry reading this, ‘You can be free’. Like a shiny arrow cutting through to what I needed so perfectly and beautifully.
— Jane M.
I just wanted to say thank-you for your reading.
Your reading is amazing and you have such a talent.
Thank-you for sharing your gift.
— Rea G.
I read all your stuff when you publish it (including today while I wait for a flight)... Once you said something that I remind myself of all the time. I have always had self confidence and worth issues based around external views of perceived intelligence. You reminded me that I’m actually enough already. I am enough, and traditional measures don’t really matter. Anyway, you, my friend, have had a profound impact on the majority of my life - I thank you.
— Mat K.
“You’ve motivated me to be more in every facet of life. Never have I met someone like you!”
— Jemima C.
I am still in shock that my sore throat completely went during the session! It was an incredible experience not like anything I have had before. You are very talented.
— Natasha L.
You have impacted and inspired me in countless ways. Thank you for always making me laugh and keeping me on my toes.
— Sharon L.
Thank you so much Melinda. I take a lot from every email reading and live reading I have participated in. Your energy is so beautiful :) Thank you again.
— Julie L.