Did you ever feel ‘not good enough’ growing up?

Was your parent or caregiver critical of you? Toxic? Needy? Unloving? Neglectful?

Were the relationships modelled to you growing up unhealthy and unhappy?

The truth is…

Your past experiences are affecting your present life.

But you can transform your trauma to relieve anxiety, receive more abundance, attract all the love you desire and stop feeling so insecure and unsure.

It’s time to stop sabotaging your own happiness!

It’s time to commit to you and create the life you truly desire.

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Are you aware OF how


ARE affecting your present life?

Those experiences are likely negatively impacting

your relationships,

the decisions you make,

your confidence,

your happiness and quality of life!

Are any of these behaviours true for you?

>>>    Overworking and overgiving

You give and give and give to others, to the point of burning yourself out

You struggle to say ‘no’ and to draw strong boundaries

You rarely make time just for YOU and what you want

>>>    Sabotaging the things you say you want

You procrastinate and resist taking action towards your dreams, desires and goals

You stay ‘stuck’ in situations and behaviours that aren’t serving your best interests

You sabotage yourself when you experience happiness or success

>>>    People-pleasing

You sacrifice your own dreams and desires for others

You find it difficult to be truly assertive

>>> Underachieving

‘Playing small’, hiding and minimising yourself

You dismiss or invalidate your abilities and successes, instead of taking the time to give yourself credit

>>>    Relationship issues

You settle for partners and friends who don’t honour you as the Divine Being you truly are

You end up giving more and doing more for partners than they do for you (co-dependency)

You attract/are attracted to partners who are emotionally or otherwise unavailable

When a past relationship ended, you felt shame and guilt for the failure, as if you somehow weren’t good enough

Despite wanting a relationship, you can’t seem to attract one and you’re scared you’re destined to be lonely forever

>>>    Anxiety or depression

You experience spontaneous crying, despair and feelings of hopelessness

You lack motivation and passion for your life

You worry about the future

>>>    Difficulty making decisions

You lack trust in yourself and your intuition

You don’t back yourself 100%

>>>    Disordered eating

You over-eat, binge eat, under-eat, or emotionally and mindlessly eat

>>>    Feelings of shame, guilt, blame, embarrassment

If you’re honest with yourself, you actually have a belief that there is something ‘wrong’ with you

>>>    Poor sleep

You have trouble falling asleep

You feel tired when you wake, rather than refreshed

>>>    Self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem

You compare yourself to and compete against others

You’re deeply unhappy with aspects of your body (or your whole body!)

>>>    Emotional numbness

You feel somewhat empty, confused, like you live ‘in a fog’, disconnected from your body and surroundings

>>> Fear of being visible

You’re afraid of being seen for who you truly, unapologetically are

You’re living inauthentically, rather than in a way that is true to exactly what you want

You find it difficult to speak up honestly and fully express your emotions and your desires

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Transform your experiences to relieve anxiety, receive more abundance, find love and stop feeling so insecure and unsure.

It’s time to stop sabotaging your own happiness!

It’s time to commit to you and create the life you truly desire.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to be completely free of your past, to have no attachments, worry, anxiety or pain concerning all that you’ve experienced…

Imagine being able to get on with your life, enjoy living, being creative, and being able to experience purpose and knowing what real joy and true freedom feels like…

This is what 'Release and Rise: Transform your Trauma' has done for women and men just like you.



  • Uncovering your true purpose and living in joyous alignment with it

  • Manifesting a deeply loving, supportive, soul mate relationship

  • Moving beyond the struggle of living pay to pay, to the freedom of financial abundance

  • Intimately connecting with and understanding your energy anatomy

  • Releasing guilt around self-care and having ample time for yourself

  • Working a job that you truly love, that lights you up in every way

  • Feeling supported and connected to a higher power 24/7

  • Expressing your innate creativity and passion freely

  • Having the power to transform your energetic blockages, cleanse your aura and balance your chakras

  • Welcoming genuine, loving female friendships in to your life; attracting your tribe

  • Developing your intuition and inherent psychic gifts

  • Shining your authentic light freely and with joy

  • Easily asking for what you want, drawing healthy boundaries and attracting respect

  • Dancing effortlessly in the flow of life, connected to the guidance of your Higher Self and your Spirit support team

... and living your version of a perfect, dream life

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I'm Melinda Salzke-Spurr,

founder of Inspired Healing and Wellness


I’ve spent years as a psychic and therapist, helping women and men like you to heal internal, energetic blocks and sabotaging patterns, so that they can live the lives they dream of.

But it took years and years of work on my own energy field and both my subconscious and conscious mind for me to get where I am today. The tools I teach you in the course are the powerful tools I credit with (finally) shifting me out of the pain of my past, into a joyful and confident present and future, and enabling me to do my vital work, supporting others to heal.

This course will fast track your healing, so you don’t have to struggle or suffer for any longer.





Based on my experience working intimately with women and men from all over the world, I have a personal theory…

I am overwhelmed by how many loving, sensitive people I meet who have lived through the experience of having critical, judgemental, toxic, unloving, unsupportive caregivers.  And my theory is that a large number of souls incarnated here in recent generations to experience the pain and trauma of abuse as children, in order to heal as adults and through healing themselves, heal this world.

>>> Your past pain and trauma, once transmuted, is actually your greatest blessing <<<

The women and men I meet all have the same open, loving hearts; the same gentle, compassionate energy and deep desire to share love with the people around them.

I know that you want more for myself, and that you also want to be of greater service to this world and those around you.

This course creates a safe, sacred space in which your challenges are recognised and healed, and your pain and trauma are finally transmuted, so that you can live the life you dream of and share your true self with the world.

You are definitely not alone.

We are all here, healing, together.


 'Release and Rise' is aN 8 week journey

that will shift the pain and self-sabotage

that’s been ruling your adult life.


It’s time to be free of anguish, grief and lack of direction

as you rise into your inherent power and finally own your true worth!


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In this transformational program, I will guide you to:

  • Become aware of the limiting thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from living your dream life, no matter how hard you try to change things

  • Learn techniques you can use anywhere, at anytime, to shift these thoughts from your energetic body and your mind

  • Practice forgiveness techniques to heal wounds from the past and finally free yourself

  • Learn how to cut energetic cords that are keeping you stuck and draining you

  • Develop an intimate connection with and understanding of your energetic body

  • Understand how your energetic condition affects your external reality, and know how to easily clear and balance your chakras to positively affect different areas of your life

  • Create new neural pathways and positive thoughts for life

  • Connect with your higher wisdom, intuition and guidance

Before ‘Release & Rise: Transform Your Trauma’ I had struggles with low self worth, and I ignored areas of my life that I had to heal. Now I have noticed a shift in my energy. I am feeling more aligned and at home with who I am. I am becoming more confident showing my true self with others and really believing that I can have the life that I choose to create. I am feeling more connected to who I am. I am loving myself more and seeing that I am enough.

Working with Melinda helped me realise that every experience is an opportunity to reflect on whether what is happening is aligned with my truth or a result of what I have been conditioned to think/feel. That it is okay to take time to release negative emotions and experiences from the past.

Melinda is truly an authentic and relatable person. Her ability to share from an open heart creates a beautiful space for others to feel safe to be able to validate their experiences. The essence and energy of ‘Release & Rise’ was welcoming, safe and inspiring. I felt free from judgement and able to be supported to progress through the program at my own pace. I also found the e-support great, and the Facebook community was an awesome space to connect.

To anyone thinking about joining the course: It is your time to Rise! It is time to release what no longer serves you. ‘Release & Rise’ is the perfect space to be supported and encouraged to be your true self and live into the life you have always desired.
— Georgina S.

This program is structured to be the best way for you to finally stop the experiences of your past affecting your life, for good.

Are you ready to learn how to release your pain and rise into your true worth?

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Here's what you'll cover in each of the modules:

Module 1 - Reflect

>    You’ll be guided and supported to get clear on exactly what it is you want… from the course and in your life in general!

>    You’ll learn methods based on neuroscience principles and metaphysics, and I teach you neurolinguistic programming techniques and meditations that you can use over and over again

>    We eliminate the mistake that most people make that causes you to feel overwhelmed and avoidant, instead of inspired and motivated

Module 2 - Reality Check

>    You’ll discover why your life doesn’t look the way you want it to, uncovering the specific limiting beliefs and programmings that are holding you back!

>    Using a combination of specific exercises, you will develop an incredibly powerful awareness of where your individual limiting blocks are, and where they stemmed from.

> Many spiritual workers focus only on the light and the positive, merely ‘covering up’ underlying beliefs and trauma with the positive. But you need to weed the garden of your mind first, in order to create a fertile ground for new, empowering beliefs and habits to grow from. The awareness you develop here enables us to clear out all the weeds. This is really powerful, life-changing stuff!


Module 3 - Release

>    You will learn powerful techniques based on modern psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, ancient Chinese medicine, modern Japanese therapy AND Hawaiian healing (!) that clear out the limiting beliefs and stagnant energy in your life.

> You will combine the most effective techniques and potent wisdom that I have come across in my own long journey of healing. I don’t know of anyone else who is bringing together such potent wisdom from around the globe in this way.

> This module gets such EPIC RESULTS for everyone! Just this module alone can totally, completely transform your life. I know this work will deeply transform your life. I’m so excited for you to experience these exercises and tools for yourself!


Module 4 - Replace

> You’ll experience methods of deepening your self-love and self-confidence, and connecting with your inner self

> You’ll learn tools that engage various senses and use neuroscientific principles to transform the way you see and feel about yourself, at subconscious and conscious levels

> Unlike in other courses, these aren’t exercises you’ll only have limited access to. You have lifetime access to the course content, and will revisit these powerful practices over and over again to support you on your journey

Module 5 - Reframe

>    You’ll do deep, inner, energetic healing work in a way that feels easy

>    You will heal at a cellular level, across all layers of your being, to create true and lasting transformation in your life

> We set you up for true success and lasting change using metaphysical principles and neurolinguistic programming exercises

Module 6 - Reinforce

> You’ll be taught specific ways to reinforce the positive beliefs and learnings you’ve been exposed to throughout the course, anchoring them into your mind, body and soul

> You’ll undertake practical activities for fast, effective manifestation of all that you desire in your life

> The problem with the way other courses are structured is that motivation and enthusiasm for the content, no matter how exciting and beneficial, tends to dissipate when the course ends. My method ensures this is not the case, and the healing work continues to happen for you (on auto-pilot!) well beyond the 8 weeks of the program

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What do you get?

 >>>   1 to 1 Reiki energy healing and psychic reading session

1:1 psychic guidance, high vibration energy healing and personal coaching with me.

These sessions are so profound (and require such an energetic investment) that I do limit how many clients I work with in this way.

Having someone strongly psychic perceive your personal challenges and issues as present in your energy field, and assist you to clear them, is invaluable.

I set a strong energetic intention for your Highest Good, and psychically explore the state of your energy field. I am shown (through a combination of my psychic gifts of vision, hearing and feeling) blockages, traumas and pain from the past you are carrying, that are affecting your current life in some way. 

I use Reiki healing energy (as well as White Light, coloured light, crystal therapies, sound healing – whatever is most needed for you) to release, cleanse and clear these issues. 

You receive information about what I perceive throughout the session, as well as practical guidance and messages for you from guides and beings in the Spirit realm.

(Please note that this will soon be the only way to work with me 1 on 1, as I will be discontinuing my one-off 1 to 1 sessions outside the course. This is so I can offer the highest level energetic support to you in the course)

>>>   Notes emailed to you afterwards, detailing what came up in your 1:1 session

So that you can explore the information further, to receive additional benefits, insights and healing


>>>   3 x group Reiki energy healing and psychic reading sessions

I use my psychic and intuitive abilities to determine energetic issues common to the group, clearing them with powerful Reiki energy healing across three powerful sessions via distance.

>>>   8 weeks of online course content (more than 18 different practical and spiritual exercises!)

6 modules, jam-packed with value, accessible from anywhere in the world

2 bonus modules - a pre-course introduction and a post-course resources guide

>>>   17 hours of video coaching

17 x 1 hour pre-recorded coaching videos, for you to watch whenever is convenient for you

(12 videos relate to course modules 1 through 6, and there are 5 bonus videos!)


>>>   Weekly accountability check-ins

This is vital to keep you focused and motivated, and gently encourage you to make the changes you need to make to thrive

>>>   Optional accountability check-in calls with Melinda, if required

Feel as though some additional support would motivate you? Simply book a complimentary accountability call with me, in which we’ll chat about where you’re at and what you can do to continue moving forward

>>> Private Facebook forum

You’ll be invited to become part of a loving, high-vibe group of women and men undertaking the course exercises and healing alongside you. This collective energy and focus accelerates everyone’s healing. It’s win-win.

>>>   Lifetime access to all of the course content and additional resources, updates and upgrades

…including all future 'live' rounds with bonus livestreams and Q & A's with me!

Unfortunately, healing isn't wrapped up in a neat 8 week parcel... Although you will notice progress and changes very quickly when you apply the tools I teach you in this course, healing is an ongoing journey, and of course you will continue to heal and grow over time. Lifetime access to the content means you can revisit as often as you need - and the course is designed to be used in this way. Each time you revisit it, you will gain exactly what you need from it at that time. 





Join the next course intake to receive all of the above PLUS SIX weekly live coaching and Q and A calls with me!

These interactive calls will allow you to get all your questions answered, in real time, by me personally.

ENROL now to be

a part of the


STARTing soon!


1:1 Reiki and reading session (value $222)

Personalised, detailed psychic information on what came up in your 1:1 session, emailed to you (value $111)

3 x group Reiki and reading sessions via distance (value $888)

6 modules of online course content, PLUS 2 bonus modules (value $1777)

17 hours (!) of video coaching (value $3774)

Weekly accountability check-ins

Optional accountability call if you need it

Private Facebook forum access

Lifetime access to all material in the course…

including all future updates, upgrades and additional material added!

AND BONUS 6 x 'Live Round' weekly interactive , coaching calls in the next 2019 round

and of course….


Total value: more than $6500

This is some of what makes Melinda’s work so special: her wisdom and knowledge about metaphysics and the energy body and spirituality plus psychology, combined with her deep compassion and understanding.

I really am so grateful for the great changes that have happened now in my life. I actually secretly worried I would always be stuck in the same pattern and pain of abuse as I had always been in. Thank you sincerely.
— Grace D.



US $1547

3x US $547/month





>>>   3 extra 1:1 Reiki energy healing and psychic reading sessions!

1:1 psychic guidance, high vibration energy healing and personal coaching with me!

>>>   4 x fortnightly 1:1 accountability and coaching sessions!

1:1 psychic guidance, high vibration energy healing and personal coaching with me!

>>> An additional 4 weeks of accountability check-ins and integration time

An additional month beyond the 8 weeks of the course, in which you can integrate, reinforce and consolidate all that you’ve learned in the the course. Together, we problem-solve anything that comes up for you and be sure you’re set up for ongoing success and exceptional results.

>>>   Daily 1:1 support from me directly, whenever you need it

You’ll have access to me personally, via Facebook and/or email as required. You’ll be able to reach out with any questions or for support as often you need.

Due to the energetic commitment of this offer, THERE ARE LIMITED VIP SPACES AVAILABLE

Book your free Strategy Session now, to decide if we’re a good fit to work together in this way

Melinda Triangle Line.png

1 to 1 sessions with Melinda are so valuable for me. She has such a genuine gift, being able to perceive what we are carrying in our auras and pinpoint which behaviours need to change and how and why. That sort of insight is gold, pure gold.
— Janette P.




>>>    If you don’t take action, what’s going to change for you? How will your life look different in 8 weeks? In 8 months? In 8 years? If you don’t make a decision and take action to change… nothing changes. You cannot continue to do what you have always done, and expect different results in your life.

>>> Investing in yourself and your healing is the most important thing you will ever do…

It can be difficult to invest in ourselves. Many of us have not seen our caregivers or those around us invest in themselves. So it can feel strange or ‘selfish’. But self-care is never selfish. That is just an old, unhealthy, subconscious block (which you will shift and heal during the course). Resistance to taking action to invest in and support yourself is normal. But…

You need to heal yourself in order to show up fully and completely for those that you love.

It’s vital that invest in you… for you, and for your loved ones.

>>>   I don’t want your past experiences to negatively affect your present life - your relationships, your finances, your mental and emotional wellbeing, the people around you - any longer. Healing is a choice. You just need to decide that you deserve better, that you deserve to let go of the weight that has been holding you down for far too long already.

Divine being, IT IS TIME. You are worth it.

What if you could actually


AND feel confident and truly happy…

in JUST 8 weeks time?

It’s time to stop sabotaging your own happiness.

It’s time to finally live the life you dream of.

I’ve become more confident and sure of my self worth in an incredibly short period of time. From being stuck in a really bad space, I was able to start to tune into what I wanted and needed, and direct my life with inspiration to start a new career, and I even have a new, loving partner in my life.
— Peta F.
Melinda Eye Divider.png
I just wanted to say thank you again. Wow. I really feel lighter, and like anything is possible now! 

Melinda offers a truly attentive, supportive and considerate experience. She has an amazing calm but bright energy, always making me feel safe and comfortable and at ease. I was able to open up to her and be honest without judgment or fear. LIFE CHANGING is how I would describe working with her!
— Alanna B.

8 weeks from now, you will

>>>    Have quit sabotaging behaviours, underachieving, people-pleasing, attracting toxic relationships…

>>> Feel confident, calmer, self-assured, more intuitive and empowered

>>>  Be free to live your version of your dream life!

I now have an understanding of why I struggled the way I did in my life. Since starting to work with Melinda I’m not such a “people-pleaser”, I can set much better boundaries, and I don’t carry so much guilt, shame and pain. I am taking all the steps toward creating my ideal life and I feel GOOD! I would recommend working with Melinda to absolutely everyone who had a critical, uncaring parent.
— Jess M.
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Can I take part in the program from anywhere in the world?

Yes! You will receive online access to all course modules.

Energy isn't constrained by space nor time, so our 1:1 healing sessions take place online via Facebook/Zoom, and are just as powerful that way as if we were sitting in the same room. I am able to tune into and channel to your energy field regardless of where in the world you are.

The group healing sessions and readings are also conducted via distance.

All coaching calls will take place online too, so you can join in from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection. 


How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each week?

This is up to you. Remember that you have lifetime access to the course, so you can dip and out of the lessons as you need to.

However, as with most things, you will get out what you put in.

When you enrol in this course, you are making a beautiful commitment to yourself, your growth and your future.

You have my support to uplevel and ascend in every way. Let’s use this time together as fully and completely as possible. The tools you will learn are really easy to implement into your daily life (and that’s how you’ll see fastest results), and you’ll have my support to do so.

Think you’re too busy for the course right now? You’re welcome to enrol now to take advantage of the current price (which will increase for future rounds), but leave the course work for later on. It’s up to you.



FOR JOINING ‘Release & Rise’



To anyone thinking about joining the course: DO IT!
— Georgina S.

You cannot expect different results in your life if you keep doing the same things.

Make a commitment to you today.

I believe in your transformation and growth.

I believe in you.

Much love, Melinda xx