Step fully into your inherent power

as you develop deeper self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence,

liberating yourself forever from patterns of playing small, people-pleasing and settling for less than you deserve…

Rise! Self Love Club

A monthly membership to support you to finally claim your true self.

More self-love! More self-worth! Less settling for bullshit and a sub-par existence!

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Are any of these behaviours true for you?

>>>    Overworking and overgiving

You give and give and give to others, to the point of burning yourself out

You struggle to say ‘no’ and to draw strong boundaries

You rarely make time just for YOU and what you want

>>>    Sabotaging the things you say you want

You procrastinate and resist taking action towards your dreams, desires and goals

You stay ‘stuck’ in situations and behaviours that aren’t serving your best interests

You sabotage yourself when you experience happiness or success

>>>    People-pleasing

You sacrifice your own dreams and desires for others

You find it difficult to be truly assertive

>>> Underachieving

‘Playing small’, hiding and minimising yourself

You dismiss or invalidate your abilities and successes, instead of taking the time to give yourself credit

>>>    Relationship issues

You settle for partners and friends who don’t honour you as the Divine Being you truly are

You end up giving more and doing more for partners than they do for you (co-dependency)

You attract/are attracted to partners who are emotionally or otherwise unavailable

When a past relationship ended, you felt shame and guilt for the failure, as if you somehow weren’t good enough

>>>    Difficulty making decisions

You lack trust in yourself and your intuition

You don’t back yourself 100%

>>>    Self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem

You compare yourself to and compete against others

You’re deeply unhappy with aspects of your body (or your whole body!)

>>> Fear of being visible

You’re afraid of being seen for who you truly, unapologetically are

You’re living inauthentically, rather than in a way that is true to exactly what you want

You find it difficult to speak up honestly and fully express your emotions and your desires…

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Divine being, IT IS TIME.

Time to stop ‘playing small’, hiding and minimising yourself, and get comfortable being powerfully visible.

Time to stop dismissing or invalidating your abilities and successes, and instead take the time to give yourself credit.

Time to draw healthy boundaries with love.

Time to confidently ask for exactly what you want.

Time to command the respect you inherently deserve.

Time to stop sacrificing your own dreams and desires.

Time to stop settling for friends, partners, jobs and situations that don’t deeply honour you as the Divine Being you truly are.

You know you deserve better. Now claim it.

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Melinda has motivated me to be more in every facet of life. Never have I met someone like her!
— Jemima C.


  • Knowing what to expect and what to focus on each week in order to thrive and to heal, based on the psychic oracle card readings you receive every single Monday

  • An in-depth psychic aura reading every month, highlighting blockages, stagnation and what needs to change in order for you to move forward

  • A powerful distant Reiki session every month, which can:

    >>> Release energetic imprints from the past that are creating negative patterns in your life

    >>> Heal childhood, ancestral and past life traumas

    >>> Dissolve energetic cords from toxic relationships

    >>> Clear blockages and repeating patterns that have you ‘stuck’

    >>> Release negative and obsessive thought patterns and beliefs

    >>> Relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm and insomnia

    >>> Dissolve relationship fears and challenges

    >>> Release tension from your body and mind

    >>> Increase self-esteem, self-love, intuition and self-trust

    >>> Give you clarity and direction

    >>> Increase energy and vitality

    >>> Leave you feeling deeply calm, centred and empowered

  • A focus for you for the entire month, channelled from Source/All That Is/the Spirit Realm, to act as a guiding light for you all month long

  • Feeling supported and connected to a higher power 24/7, knowing that the Universe has your back

  • Developing deeper trust in your own intuition and inherent psychic gifts

  • Dancing effortlessly in the flow of life, connected to the guidance of your Higher Self and your Spirit support team

Heck, Yes!



>>> Who else is done with this crap? <<<

Settling for shit when in our soul we know deserve far better.

Accepting mediocrity because no one taught us to stand in our full power growing up.

Ignoring our own true desires to put everyone else first.

Allowing worry about ‘what other people might think of us’ keep us quiet and small.

Rise! Self Love Club is a sacred space is for anyone who is done with suffering, shame, scarcity and disowning their power. Rise! Self Love Club is about birthing a rapid divine healing ascension on the planet, so that we can rise collectively and change our lives and the world around us.



Enter a new reality - one you’ve never allowed yourself to receive

because you’ve been trapped in old, outdated stories and beliefs around

being a good girl or boy,

having to please everyone,

shame and guilt and self-punishment,

a whole heap of subservient bullshit….

It’s time to heal and rise up into divine, life-changing power!


Here’s what



I channel a theme each month from Spirit - from my guides, your guides, and your Highest Self.

What do they, with their access to infinite wisdom, know that you most need to address right now,

so that you can step into your full power

and live a life of freedom, ease and flow (the life that you deserve!)?

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  1. A divinely suggested (psychically downloaded) focus for each month, so you can work with the collective energies of that period, not against them. This enables you to create powerful change, quickly; as you’re using Universal forces to supercharge your transformation and back you to create the shifts you want in your life

  2. Weekly card readings, giving you specific advice on what will unfold, and what to focus on, for the week ahead

3. Coaching livestreams, speaking about the issues that I am psychically shown are most vital for you to address. Teaching and passing on wisdom in this way is one of my great gifts. The information and energy you will receive from these sessions is priceless

4. A distant Reiki energy healing to clear out old patterns of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and more… from childhood, from past relationships, from past lifetimes. Reiki energy is really powerful stuff!

5. A channelled psychic reading, highlighting what needs to be shifted, healed or changed within your aura/energy field… and what is humming along nicely, plus what you can expect to unfold for you during the month

6. Access to transcripts of all previous psychic readings, so you can refer back to them for ongoing support as what was predicted unfolds for you

7. Meditations, prayers, chants, rituals and activations to support your ascension

8. Questions and prompts for you to explore, to encourage your growth throughout the month (and well beyond!)

9. Practical guidance and exercises, to support you to move forward

10. Additional resources as required - guided by Source/Spirit, I will create whatever I am told is necessary for your ascension

I want you to rise INTO YOUR TRUE POWER,


Melinda is amazing. She is able to work with Reiki energy, tell you exactly what’s going on in your chakras, give advice based on that and so much more. She is also a sweet, generous, spiritual person with a great sense of humour and you will fall in love with her laugh. So, go for it. You’ll be glad you did.
— Randi S.
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The total value of the monthly resources is well over $1,000,
but yours for only USD 97/month.

This price will increase in the future…

so join now and you lock in the low rate of 97/month for the lifetime of your membership!

A PERCENTAGE of your investment will go to charity

to support women in need


When I join, I understand that each month I will be charged USD 97/month for my Rise! Self Love Club membership.

I acknowledge that I can cancel my membership at any time with 14 days written notice by emailing connect@inspiredhealingandwellness.com

and that there is no set minimum membership period (hooray for flexibility!)

You can even cancel during your first month of membership and will only have invested US 97 (not that you'll want to!)



With Rise! Self Love Club, you’ll have the tools you need to awaken your divine energy and reclaim your inherent power.

I believe in you. It’s your time to rise!